Articulating 3D Models

Wed Sep 01, 2021 6:42 pm

1. I'd like to make an articulating 3D model arm assembly pick up another 3D model. This is what the MFCompCell Filler in Doom 3 Mars City Underground does. The only thing I can get working is using ActorMover and Interpolation Points on a static model to move back and forth from point A to point B, waiting at each point before moving back. I also got the Fingers to lower/raise/lower with the Cylinder. But after a few minutes you start to see things going out of sync.
2. Pieces:
a. Base - upper piece, tracks along higher rail.
b. Arm - Upper joint with Base and lower joint with Hand.
c. Hand - Upper joint with Arm, Fingers travel up/down within Hand.
d. Fingers - Travel up/down within Hand and "grab/release" Cylinder
e. Cylinder - Either at rest in lower position or lifted up/down by Fingers.
3. Everything is at station A.
4. The fingers extend down from the hand, grab the cylinder and lift it up, then put it back down and retract.
5. The whole lower assy then articulates up 90 degrees.
6. Then everything, except the cylinder, travel along a rail to station B, articulate down and repeat the process.
7. Then everything moves back to station A.