Does GZDoom support maps made in Blender?

Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:05 pm

A friend of mine and I are working on a mod for GZDoom and he keeps insisting to have the maps be actual 3D models like in Quake because he doesn't quite like the visual limitations of Doom's classic 2.5D mapping.
Even thought I never heard of the engine being able of doing that, it still didn't seem right; I mean, isn't GZDoom closer to the Quake engine than it is to Doom as I heard people saying?
If so, is it possible to make an entire map in Blender and then somehow import in a WAD and play it?

Re: Does GZDoom support maps made in Blender?

Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:09 pm

The simple answer is no.

The complicated answer is, it can be done with a bit of work, but a lot of care must be taken to layout the level in 2D space, and if any room-over-room is actually needed then you'll still have to connect them with portals, or find some other way to do proper collision. The level also must be split so that it can be rendered properly through occluding geometry - unless you want to use a collision system other than what GZDoom provides.

GZDoom is ultimately Doom, and the map structure for Doom is 2D. It really just comes down to that. A lot of the "true 3D" that GZDoom does is faked with effects, either models or portals or 3D floors or other stuff.

One way you can do it is create the level collision as level geometry in Ultimate Doom Builder or an editor of your choice, then make all the textures transparent, and then split the Blender level into pieces and import those pieces as models that can be rendered in-game.