Another Portal Displacement Mismatch

Sat Jul 24, 2021 7:53 am

I'm not sur why, but I keep getting an error on my console that says "Portal between lines ### and ### has displacement mismatch."

I've researched this error here on the forum and I'm pretty sure I'm doing everything right. The angles are the same, the size is the same, they're pointing in the right directions. I even reset the texture offsets and lined them up for good measure. I still get the error. But the strange part is they work just fine. I just don't want to see the error.

Thanks for any help. I'm happy to upload the map if it helps.

Re: Another Portal Displacement Mismatch

Sun Aug 01, 2021 3:33 am

Error is because you need to have same lenght "inside" portal as lenght of "outside" portal. I made small map. Left portal is correct and right portal is incorrect. If you run this map you get displacement error. If you correct lenght of right "inside" portal so portal is same lenght as right "outside" portal, error disappear. In other word situation have to be same as on left map side where portals is correct. Hope that I help you. I know that my description could be little complicated, sorry.
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