Having Issues With These Monsters

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Friezus Christ
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Having Issues With These Monsters

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Eh, I've been trying to get a few monsters to work in my current map I am making. Trying to use Shadow Imp, Blood Demon and I tried the Mauler Demon to see if I'd get the same message. I've replaced the Zscript with a Decorate file, and gave them all actor numbers. They either don't show up in the Things menu, neither under Monsters or Decorate. I currently have other custom monsters in this map, that worked fine with what I was doing. But I get this message when trying to launch the level.

"Script error, "StroidMAP02.wad:DECORATE" line 1: Expected '{, got 'MaulerDemon'.

I would put up a screenshot, but I don't want to register to imgur. What am I goofing up here? Can't seem to get those monsters to be implemented into my wad file and that Mauler is crashing my wad at the start up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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