Dead Simple like mechanics in UDMF

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Dead Simple like mechanics in UDMF

Post by Korni27 »

I've been wondering if you can create Dead Simple like mechanics, where after killing for example 5 hell knights, the floor will lower. i already know how to make actions happen after picking up or killing a monster, but I was wondering if you can do it with multiple.
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Re: Dead Simple like mechanics in UDMF

Post by Jarewill »

You can do it with a script using ThingCount:

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#include "zcommon.acs"

Script 1 OPEN
    While(ThingCountName("HellKnight",0)>0) {Delay(1);}
    //Do stuff once all hell knights are dead
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Re: Dead Simple like mechanics in UDMF

Post by Enjay »

And, just to add to that, if you do it by tid (thing tag), then it doesn't even have to be all hell knights - just the ones that have the specified tag. In fact, the enemies with tag can be of different types too.

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