Keeping specific inventory item through map change clear

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Keeping specific inventory item through map change clear

Post by Virathas »

Hey all!

I have been pondering how to keep a specific inventory items through map change inventory clearing shenanigans. In most cases, the inventory is cleared by forced teleportation into barrels/voodoo doll that kills and throws the player through map change line.

The question is, how can i keep specific inventory item, with meta-data, from being cleared from inventory? Is it possible to force a resurrect to a player once the player completes the map? Is it possible to keep the inventory "outside" the PlayerPawn, and then reattach it once the new map starts? In this regard, is it possible to have more than just players travel between levels?

ACS solutions are not doable in this case, as the inventory item will have plenty of additional data. ZScript is preferred

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