Change the weapon FOV, I mean (Offset, or Weapon Viemodel)

Sat Feb 05, 2022 7:47 pm

Hi to all,

I want to change the X coordinate of the weapons in GZDoom (I want to see more of the weapon sprite).
I know that the sprite is not a 3D objet, so, this have a cut limit of the image.

BUT, I'm using the "Universal-Weapon-Sway mod with Brutal Heretic mod.
And when Weapon Sway are loaded, the view weapon X offset are sligh changed, causing that weapon look lees on screen.

Weapon Sway:
Brutal Heretic: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=68735&start=30
Brutal Heretic functional download (with PBR textures):

I know that the 3D weapon models in other games have an integrated with commands to change the weapon offset (weapon fov), for example:

Quake 3:

On Unreal is:
set weapon playerviewoffset (x=100)
set weapon playerviewoffset (y=100)
set weapon playerviewoffset (z=100)

For Doom 3 is:
model viewmodel_pistol {
mesh models/md5/weapons/pistol_view/viewpistol.md5mesh
offset ( -2 0 0 ) //where values are x y z coordinates

And so on, in many other games with different implementations.

I've searching some similar for GZDoom but I can't find any console command that do something similar.
I know that GZDoom in the mayority of cases only uses sprites for weapons hud view.

So, I've found a documentation about this here:

But I can't understand how I can implement this to make a MOD???
Sorry, I'm not an expert with scripting for making mods.

But if anybody can tell me if GZDoom have a console command to do this, it will be grat, really.
If not, any help/suggestion will be great to me too.

Thanks! I hope anybody can help me.