Trying to make an explodable RC Car...

Mon Jan 17, 2022 1:47 pm

Ok... so, for a few days i've been quite literally drilling thru the wiki and the forums to find a way to make this work...

I wanted to make a controllable RC Car that , when the player pressed Fire , it would explode the car. The way i did this in the first place is that i made a quite litteral seperate PlayerPawn and Powermorph'd the player as that... there's only 2 problems tho

1. The Player dies when the car explodes (which kind of defeats the purpose of having it remote controlled)

2. I found a post yesterday and i've downloaded the player_example.wad someone posted there. It works the way i wanted it to work , problem is that it somehow Nullifies the inventory? (dunno how to explain it)

In the same post , i've tried to wrap my head around what Graf said about the morph code , but yet again , i have no idea how to use it...

This is the code i have so far...

ACTOR RC_Car_Remote : PowerupGiver 666
   Inventory.PickupMessage "This is gonna have an explosive end! (Claymore RC Car)"
   Inventory.PickupSound "misc/p_pkup"
   Inventory.MaxAmount 0
   Powerup.Type ClaymoreRC
   Powerup.Duration -60
   Scale 0.04
         DUMM Y -1

ACTOR PowerClaymoreRC : PowerMorph
    PowerMorph.PlayerClass "RemoteControlledCar"

Actor DeadmanSwitch : Weapon  {
   Weapon.AmmoUse 0
   Weapon.SelectionOrder 900000
   Inventory.PickupSound "misc/w_pkup"
   AttackSound "weapons/rocklx"
         TNT1 A -1
         TNT1 A 1 A_WeaponReady
         TNT1 A 0 A_Raise
         TNT1 A 0 A_Lower
         CLRC A 0 A_SpawnItem ("EnemyClaymoreBoom", 8)
         CLRC A -1 A_SpawnItem ("EnemyClaymore", 8)
         goto Ready

Actor RemoteControlledCar : PlayerPawn {

   Radius 8
   Height 8
   Health 25
   Scale 0.8
   PainChance 0
   Player.ForwardMove 1.5
   Player.SideMove 1.5
   Player.ViewHeight 16
   Player.AttackZOffset 16
   Player.JumpZ 16
   Player.MorphWeapon "DeadmanSwitch"
   PainSound "baron/pain"
   DeathSound "baron/death"
   Player.Face ""
   Species "Marines"
   Speed 0.6
         CLRC A 1 A_GiveInventory("DeadmanSwitch")
         CLRC A 1 A_SelectWeapon("DeadmanSwitch")
         CLRC A -1
         CLRC A 0 A_SpawnItem ("EnemyClaymoreBoom", 8)
         CLRC A -1 A_SpawnItem ("EnemyClaymore", 8)

If anyone knows a way to make this work , please help me...
I am quite literally out of ideas