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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by chunks »

I been here long time, just never made an account because I'm big on the lurk and until recently didn't have anything I felt was worth contributing.
But that's changed I suppose, so this is me. I play a shitload of DOOM WADs on my twitch with a degree of regularity:
I also made some guides on how to(I) set up GZDoom with some popular WADS and whatnot on my youtube channel:
If anyone has any advice on how I could do either of those two things better, I am always open to constructive criticism. ..and even unconstructive criticism as long as it's funny.
Eh yep, that's about it for now I guess.
Cheers :)
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Renegade4339 »

Hi, I am Renegade4339, formerly named as BenitezClanceIV. I have a big interest in modding, particularly Doom and Minecraft (i played Minecraft for nearly a decade now lol). i like magenta :)
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Re: New Member Introductions

Post by Bigbeandotgov »

Hiya. Im Bigbeandotgov. I mostly spend too much time on weirdo rpg maker 2003 games video editing, and drawing funny shapes in doom builder till it resembles a functional map.

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