Re: New Member Introductions

Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:31 pm

Hi all Doomers, I'm Hgluzowski, the amateur level designer and concept artist (with hobby of programming, but not in DECORATE, of course). I've joined ZDoom forum quite a long time ago (few months, I guess), but only recently I'm doing my work public. I'm just doing mods for fun (mine and yours) and it will be pleasure to work with someone and make some new friends with rest of community.

Re: New Member Introductions

Sat Apr 27, 2019 9:59 am

Hgluzowski wrote:Hi all Doomers, I'm Hgluzowski, the amateur level designer and concept artist (with hobby of programming, but not in DECORATE, of course). I've joined ZDoom forum quite a long time ago (few months, I guess), but only recently I'm doing my work public. I'm just doing mods for fun (mine and yours) and it will be pleasure to work with someone and make some new friends with rest of community.

You've made a friend through me. Well, I would say, friend, it's more like an acquaintanceship.

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Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:07 am

I'm new here and to just trim some of my American fat, I was introduced to Doom through the BFG Edition of Doom 3. Due to being a young chump, I quickly moved onto other games, but as of recent I've picked it up in order to replay Doom I and II. However, due to the horrendous time it takes to load a save on the PS3, I said screw it and decided to set my laptop up to be my main machine in playing Doom and anything Doom related. After deciding this I went to do some research. And frankly, seeing all the content for it that I've never known about before, like all the mods and the history attached to the franchise, was spectacular, and the only real problem I have with it all is simple. I just don't got the time to play everything, even if I want to. But I'll try my best anyway, and maybe even get into some modding myself! Either way, I'm glad to be here.

I also hope I can find a way to be productive to ZDoom as a whole.

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Wed May 08, 2019 11:16 am

Hello, not much of a modder but I've downloaded a level editor so that's something. I plan to make some terrible maps for my vicfriends. I can't do art, but programming is fun. I made a few maps back when dos was all there was and I still have the Doom Makers CD from the Mod Book. I don't have the book anymore, which is a shame. The newer tools are obviously better as I don't have to imagine the room layout nor go through the trouble of lining textures up.

I've recently started replaying the doom series of games; Doom 1 and 2, Hexen, and Heretic, as well as all official map packs. I've played BDoom, and I've started playing the Doom 4 Remake (Doom 1 remake) and it's fun. Coop with friends is just the best. Also, one of my friends owns a potato and is a console junky so I'm stuck with older games.

I find it funny that the Chex game is mentioned often. I played that as a kid because my parents wouldn't let me play doom. I knew it was a doom mod, but just went with it. I played the shareware version of doom since they would NEVER purchase the real game. I kind of want to play the Chex game again. (Just downloaded it and it runs fine through GZDoom)

I originally signed up because I wanted to see level stats during the level. I asked a question on Stack regarding this. After I signed up I did a search and now I see that this is a part of the game now. Granted I have to zoom all the way out for it to show the stats.

So yea, I'm a new user here on the forums. My maps suck so I'll probably keep them to my little group. No need to litter the community.

Re: New Member Introductions

Thu May 09, 2019 8:04 pm

Hi everyone, I'm ZealknightMR.

I have finally gathered the courage to join ZDoom. Even though I am a new member, I am a long time lurker here since the early days of Zdoom. I have always been a big fan of the Doom series, and I still am!

I've always been a fan of both Vanilla, and ZDoom style maps, though ZDoom style maps is what motivated me to take a crack at making my own maps. I have attempted to make some a few years ago, but I've held them off because I wasn't happy with the they it originally looked when I started looking back at them. Plus, I was constantly running into roadblocks on the direction of where I wanted my maps to lead. I now have a clearer goal on how to make them and I wish to share it all with you, once it's done of course.

I still got ways to go on completing it, but I really want to try to get one done this year. I'm very slow at making them at the moment, but I hope with practice, I'll be able to speed up my work.

Re: New Member Introductions

Thu May 16, 2019 8:58 am

Welcome, all of you!

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Tue May 21, 2019 3:22 pm

I'm a musician and I wish to see if others would like to use my assets in exchange merely for credit and a link to play it.
All of the stuff I ever wanted to show off is here:

I posted a doom 2 music mod here: ... c-pack-pk3

and I have plenty more where that came from!

I go by dybbuk on doomworld forums and forgot to sign up with that here, so it's just my web address lehrdotme

Re: New Member Introductions

Fri May 24, 2019 8:58 am

Hey, some of this is exactly the type of music I've been after for a while! :wub:
Doing a System Shock themed mod, and this is just the sort of chill-but-energetic and techy vibe I want to use in a (optional) soundtrack.

Re: New Member Introductions

Fri May 24, 2019 4:56 pm

I'm dybbuk on doomworld if you're there. Otherwise is how to contact me. Sorry I didn't think to check my own replies haha. Just listen around and let me know what you're interested in. If I have the sources I may be able to fit things to fit better or at least extend them.

Re: (not-so) New Member Introductions

Tue May 28, 2019 9:46 pm

OK, so....
Hi folks, my name's Xterra. You might not think I'm new to these forums at all, given that my join date is listed as some time in 2011.
Well, I suppose that's true. But, I used the account to ask about a bug and pretty much just shunted it to the curb from there.

Subsequently, in the big post-Heartbleed password-change thing, I was a dumbass and didn't reactivate my old account....until a few weeks back.
So, I guess I AM kinda new to these forums, in a way. I'm using them in earnest now.

So...hey y'all.

I suppose you guys don't want to hear me yammer on at length about my life story, so I won't. What I WILL tell y'all about is the mods I've worked on, and who I work with regularly.
I'm the primary developer for QuakeStyle ZX, a now five-year-old mod co-developed with SilentZora which hasn't gotten a ZDF thread (yet-- keep an eye out in the coming months), and a co-developer of QuakeStyle Unbound with That Blind Guy. I'm also a beta tester for Ratchet and Clank: Hot and Bothered and ZAGEmod (and a contributor of ideas and code to both of said mods as well).

So...I hope I can get along with most everyone here, and not say anything too stupid.
Stay awesome, y'all.

(PS: I'm from the American South, if you can't tell by the liberal use of "y'all". I type like I speak, what can I say?)

Re: New Member Introductions

Sun Jun 02, 2019 11:03 pm

Hey guys. New here. I'm currently from Minnesota. Inexperienced with mapping, or scripting (both can be a little frustrating at times), but many good doom mods pretty much inspire me to try out some things (maybe even give a few suggestions). I do still love playing Doom, Heretic, Hexen, and Strife all the same. Basically Skulltag got me hooked on Doom during my high school years and I never lost interest.

I used to be known as Former General in ye old Skulltag Forums

The SAW Is the LAW :twisted:

Re: New Member Introductions

Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:42 am

Hi Zdoomers(?).

I've played various source ports of Doom and other id tech 1 games pretty much since the source was released. I've recently been feeling the itch to do some modding, and GZDoom is a fantastic source port with its expanded scripting support thanks to DECORATE and ZScript, so I figured I should create an account here so that I can contribute to existing mods and maybe eventually make a few of my own.

Re: New Member Introductions

Fri Jun 14, 2019 6:22 am

Cheers people,

I have just gotten around signing up to this place here (been just lurking around here and /vr/'s Doom thread mostly), but I have been modding and mapping for a few years now, although it has never been consistent.
I always have an idea and execute that, then do something else for months. Sucks having to relearn everything anew and wondering what the fuck I did there.
My mods aren't really good because I am not a great visual artist or coder, but I have fun making them.
I will post them in the near term.

Re: New Member Introductions

Fri Jun 28, 2019 10:18 am

Hello. My name is TTP. I am launching my own software studio. I am currently working on a game for it. The studio will also cover writing/music. I like this site a lot, there is a lot of beautiful work done.

Re: New Member Introductions

Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:32 pm

Hi. This is coltonrawr. I just got introduced to Doom itself here this year. Sure, I may not really be that good at Doom just yet, but I'm quickly shaping myself up in the ranks. I've only beaten Knee-Deep in the Dead so far, but rest assured, I'll be ripping and tearing for quite a while. I've tried my hand at map editing, and have made at least one map completable (, in fact) as a bit of a learning exercise for myself. I'm a new Doomguy, but rest assured, I'm ready to rip and tear like the rest of them.