Raze 1.1.2

Fri May 14, 2021 6:06 am

Download (OpenGL 3.3 and higher required

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This is a bugfix release addressing the following issues:

  • new renderer: Reset object color after processing a shadow.
  • new renderer: clip wall angles before doing any math with them.
  • Duke: fixed bad check in 'ifnotmoving' CON command. This caused some objects to not disappear, e.g. helicopters in NAM or cannonballs in Duke E4L4.
  • SW: better handling for bogus ladders. Fixes the badly defined ladder in Wanton Destruction's first map.
  • fixed issues with MAPINFO parser. These caused problems with map progression, particularly with Exhumed.
  • properly terminate base64 data. This was causing spurious savegame loading issues.