Doom meets Powerslave/Exhumed in DoomEXHUMED

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Doom meets Powerslave/Exhumed in DoomEXHUMED

Post by Casketkrusher_ »

Fellow DOOMERS! I am proud to present the official demo for DoomEXHUMED. The project started out as "Pharaoh's Wrath", this was the first step into Doom modding, but I decided to rework everything, change everything. Some leftovers can be seen in some maps, which are all reworked and improved since the "Pharaoh's Wrath" project.

A project I've been working on for approximately 2,5 years, with very little knowledge about Doom modding I've managed to create something awesome with a lot of help by my friend Ozymandias81. Having made a handful of wads before this I wanted to make something resembling one of my all time favorite boomer shooters Powerslave/Exhumed. So I combined both of my favorite games together and DoomEXHUMED is mummified!

Take a glimpse at DoomEXHUMED inspired by Lobotomy Softwares' Powerslave/Exhumed, combining the best elements of the PlayStation1/Sega Saturn and PC versions of Powerslave/Exhumed.

This demo will showcase work-in-progress and potentially things that I might change over the course of development, so I am excited to show a sneak peak of what is to come in the near future, I have no deadline, this is all done in my spare time. I hope you enjoy the demo for DoomEXHUMED!


Download the demo here: ... r-demo-v11
Feedback is very welcome!

The gameplay revolves around exploration, like in Powerslave/Exhumed you are able to backtrack to previous levels. You are on the hunt for the two symbol keys, the Symbol of War, and Earth. You need boths keys to end the demo. How you find these keys is up to you, will you struggle with your machete and lack of arsenal or will you explore and find new weaponry? Its up to you. As a bonus I added in a Hardcore+ mode, if you find Hardcore too easy you might want to try Hardcore+ this will randomly replace regular monsters with "shadow monsters", these are faster, tougher and stronger. This is completely random however, so its possible you'll encounter many of them or just a few.

☥ Health orbs can be find laying around the levels, they can also be dropped by killing enemies.
☥ Ammo is scattered around in various breakable objects like pottery, this is a random drop chance so break some ancient egyptian pottery if you need some ammunition.
☥ Mana is used for the magical weapons you'll find, these mana orbs can be obtained by killing enemies only.

☥ Power orbs are used to power up your weapons, depleting one regular ammo and a power orb simultaneously, these are also randomly dropped by killing enemies.
Weapons that use the power orbs with alt. fire (right mouse click) are:
Magnum (a powerful 3 shot attack with high damage output)
Shotgun (Super shotgun)
M-60 (Rapid fire with increased damage)

Pickups & collectibles:
☥ Life Blood:
Ancient wine that restores +1 HP once picked up (your regular health bonus).

☥ Scarabs:
Increase your armor by 1, 2 or 3 depending on the color, these are always random.

☥ Poison Wine:
Once picked up makes you cough and you lose 25 HP. Avoid these at all costs.
(Life Blood, Poison Wine and Scarabs do not count for completion)

☥ Air Bubbles:
These replenishes your air capacity, make sure to not drown!

☥ Ankh:
These permanently increase your maximum HP by +10.

☥ Backpacks:
Fellow marines or adventures who failed their mission might have dropped their backpack, these increase your maximum carrying capacity, these do stack.

☥ Lungs:
These increase your maximum air capacity by +10.

☥ SunSphere:
This powerup illuminate your surroundings by the power of the sun, some very dark areas might have one of these hidden somewhere.

Technical stuff:
IWAD: Doom2
Tested with GZDoom 4.10.0, future versions should work just fine.
Other source ports not tested.
Mouse look, jumping is required and dynamic lighting should be enabled.
Alt hud doesn't show air capacity and other information, so recommended to play with the fullscreen hud.
Mod support, none, but feel free to try anything out, not guaranteed something will be compatible.

Credits DoomEXHUMED Demo:
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Re: Doom meets Powerslave/Exhumed in DoomEXHUMED

Post by Ozymandias81 »

Finally! I am happy that you have create even here a cool thread for your project Casket, dude it has been fun, even with very little spare time, to contribute for this project... Specially regarding the nice underwater explosion effect!
For all those are willingly to play this mod, for a better performance it is advised to download most recent stable version of GZDoom, and please if you can use Vulkan render. Many features on this mod have been implemented thanks to Realm667 Remasters, Bloom and Blade of Agony, and what you can see on this demo is really just a little glimpse of the final result.
Don't miss it guys, you gonna love it :wub:
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Re: Doom meets Powerslave/Exhumed in DoomEXHUMED

Post by Ferretmanjcdenton »

Hey there. This mod is amazing!!
Love the light effects and weapons!
I used, like always, my favourite set of add-ons to play.

Hope you like it.

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