System Shock Enemy Sprites

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System Shock Enemy Sprites

Post by Exosphere »

Is anyone aware if a pack containing all the enemy sprites from the first System Shock game has been made and configured for Doom?
My attempt in extracting them directly from System Shock files has made me learn that all the sprites are contained in two files: objart2.res and objart3.res. And its a huge pain in the ass.

All the sprites are unevenly distributed between these .res files. For example, objart2 contains the death and attack animation for the standard mutant, but the idle and walking animations for said mutant are located in objart3. There are a lot of other issues with the way they are stored (nested BMP files, seemingly dummy sprites, etc)

Its just a really huge hassle to do this myself, which I would really not like to do but only as a last resort.
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Re: System Shock Enemy Sprites

Post by ramon.dexter »

Well, there is a rip of sprites, that could be found somewhere here on the forum. But these are sprites only. No correct sprite names, no rigging for gzdoom.

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