LinuxMint: How to Set SDL Priority "High"

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LinuxMint: How to Set SDL Priority "High"

Post by DooMMooD »

Previously addressed issue here but have made progress and thought it deserved a new thread: viewtopic.php?t=77185

I am experiencing issues in GZDoom, PrBoom, Chocolate Doom, etc, that I am not experiencing in DOSBox. I believe this has to do with SDL priority settings (whatever that means I don't know I'm still learning). When I play DOSBox fullscreen I have none of the keyboard issues I am experiencing with the other sourceports. Everything plays fine. When I play DOSBox in a minimized screen however, the problems are the same as with the other source ports. Then I found this: "Priority levels for DOSBox. Second entry behind the comma is for when DOSBox is not focused/minimized. Valid priorities are: lowest, lower, normal, higher, highest, and pause.
Default is higher,normal."
So to my novice eye, this means that because DOSBox is in the highest SDL priority during fullscreen gameplay, the background Linux OS does not interfere with the keyboard, and so everything plays as it should. Is there a way I can mimic this with other source ports like GZDoom? If so, how?

System is Linux Mint 20.3, Cinnamon. Let me know if you need more info.

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