How to run software renderer?

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If you want help you're going to have to provide lots of info. Like what is your hardware, what is your operating system, what version of GZDoom/LZDoom/whatever you're using, what mods you're loading, how you're loading it, what you've already tried for fixing the problem, and anything else that is even remotely relevant to the problem.

We can't magically figure out what it is if you're going to be vague, and if we feel like you're just wasting our time with guessing games we will act like that's what you're really doing and won't help you.
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Re: How to run software renderer?

Post by etommyrh85 »

My bad, just trying to help the op with alternatives and others if they need it. I tested my hd3000 again w/ gzdoom 4.10, opengl32.dll + Brutal Doom Black Edition 3.37 and it ran just fine with the settings I mentioned.

hope this still helps.
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Re: How to run software renderer?

Post by yum13241 »

Make sure you have your drivers at their optimal version (for AMD, this is usually a few versions behind, per Rachael)

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