PSA Modeldef Gen (DN UnPSA Toolkit)

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PSA Modeldef Gen (DN UnPSA Toolkit)

Post by Kizoky »

'DN UnPSA Toolkit' is modified to have a Modeldef Generator button
All it does is use the program's built-in animation data array to access each animation's first and last frame, and based on that generate modeldef definitions for use with GZDoom or Zandronum.

You can specify the first 3 characters of a Sprite, the last character of the sprite will increase from A to Z and from Z to 0-9 everytime the alphabet for the frames have ran out.

It's also possible to skip every frame by 2 if an animation has too many frames.

When pressing the button it will create a .txt file in the root folder where the .exe is.
Pressing the button multiple times won't clear out the file.

This tool isn't mine, I only decompiled it, and edited it to be useful for generating modeldef definitions as manually counting the frames is not ideal.

Requires .NET Framework 4.5

Download: ... s/tag/v1.0


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