RRWM reloading system [1.5.0] [ZS/DEC/SBARINFO]

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Re: RRWM reloading system [] [ZS/DEC/SBARINFO]

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Re: RRWM reloading system [1.5.0] [ZS/DEC/SBARINFO]

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RRWM reloading system has been updated to version 1.5.0. Download the new release HERE. The link in the first post has been updated too.

This version backports a fix from RRWM 1.5.0 to rectify a minor issue related to alternate fire. Previously, if a weapon supported alternate fire that did not use ammo, it would get deselected if primary fire was attempted without any ammo. This is no longer the case.

Additionally, a PreReload virtual method has been added to ReloadableWeapon (works similarly to PreRaise and PreLower, for full description please refer to the "Additional virtual methods" section of the manual).

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