Waterfall fog effect [zscript] version 2.0 (2024/01/25)

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Re: Waterfall fog effect [zscript] version 1.6 (2021/10/10)

Post by WARCHILD_89 »

nice one. gonna use this. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Waterfall fog effect [zscript] version 2.0 (2024/01/25)

Post by Jekyll Grim Payne »

Version 2.0 released: https://github.com/jekyllgrim/Waterfall ... m/releases

  • ZScript version raised to 4.10
  • Added an option to render the waterfalls with textured particles rather than actors, which reduces performance impact by about x2.5. They are set to the particles mode by default. Visually, there's no difference, aside from the fact that their animation doesn't change with distance, and when not visible they stop spawning at all rather than freeze.
  • Added a new user field that can be set in the Custom tab in Ultimate Doom Builder: user_rendermode. At 0 (default) renders the waterfall fog with textured particles. At 1 renders with actors.
  • Added a new user field that can be set in the Custom tab in Ultimate Doom Builder: user_color. Allows specifying a custom color for the fog in the RRGGBB format (for example, "FF0000" for red). If set, ignores the Color argument and instead uses custom color.
  • The fog spawners are now affected by gravity by default and will move with the floor.
  • Added behavior tied to the STANDSTILL flag set from the map: if set, the fog spawned will not be affected by gravity. I chose this flag because NOGRAVITY can't be set from the map editor directly.
  • Fixed the behavior of the Activate() and Deactivate() functions on the spawner. They will now always activate and deactivate it respectively, instead of each function toggling between on and off.
Demo map (attached to the release):
  • Expanded the demo map with new demonstrations of various options
  • Added explanations of the options using Canvas textures

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