Korax Mod is back!

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Re: Korax Mod is back!

Post by rambo »

Yes, original Hexen (and even more so, Hexen II) puzzles back before generic availability of corresponding internet content was really bad. I got stuck in both games for months.

Many of the switches are counters (e.g. "one sixth of the puzzle on Shadow Wood"), where you need to reach a certain number before a new area opens. In such cases, we tune the counter to require fewer increments to trigger (e.g. 2/6 on Old School, 1/6 on Standard, area unlocks instantly on Off).

Similarly, we also reduced the number of items you need to collect for puzzles (e.g. you only need 2/5 clock gears to activate the mechanism on Old School, 1/5 gears to activate it on Standard, and it auto-activates when RPG Complexity is set to Off).

Still one more way Hexen makes you run around in circles is keys hidden behind doors that need still another key. On Standard RPG Complexity, there are a few copies of the keys lying around in areas the player can access earlier, and if RPG Complexity is set to Off, the player already has all of the keys in their inventory right at the start.

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