CallACS builtin is accessible from non-play scope

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CallACS builtin is accessible from non-play scope

Post by argv »

As of GZDoom 3.5.0, the builtin function CallACS (and, presumably, the other ACS_* builtins) can be used from outside the play scope. This is obviously unsafe.

The attached pk3 demonstrates that unsafety, by spawning an imp from ui scope. To use:
  1. Load it into GZDoom, along with a Doom-compatible IWAD.
  2. Start a game.
  3. Walk into an area where there's a decent amount of room above you.
  4. Press the Use key.
That'll spawn an imp on top of you—from StaticEventHandler.UiTick!
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Re: CallACS builtin is accessible from non-play scope

Post by Graf Zahl »

Crap. And wanna bet that changing this will break several mods which use ACS to do some of their HUD work?

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