Material auto folders on full path textures don't work

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Graf Zahl
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Re: Material auto folders on full path textures don't work

Post by Graf Zahl »

Due to different semantics between normal short-name textures and long-name textures this can only be done when the files are put in a different directory.
Fortunately the current path names are new, so I suggest for full path names to leave out the 'auto', and for brightmaps look in 'materials/brightmaps' and append the full path there.

So in case you use 'textures/scenery/skies/mountains.png' the brightmap would be looked up in 'materials/brightmaps/textures/scenery/skies/mountains.*' with '*' one of the common extensions. This won't be in the next point release, though, it has to wait until the next minor release, i.e. 3.4.0, because it requires a bit more changes to allow proper lookup of the files (the resource manager has no list to look after long file names without an extension and will require a new hash list for that.)

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