a possible replacement for ZCajun bots?

These are not rejected - but are not considered highly important right now.

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Re: a possible replacement for ZCajun bots?

Post by Rachael »

Friendly monsters do not use player structs or real weapons though, and that's important for a lot of things.

Also - for monsters, the actions follow the states, whereas for bots, the states follow the actions. Having friendly AI that is tied to states is a bit of a weakness.

Basically that's like selling snake oil.
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Re: a possible replacement for ZCajun bots?

Post by Arctangent »

Also, they're not actually all that intelligent - their AI is exactly the same as normal monsters ( i.e. very angry pinballs ) but if they don't have a target, they'll bounce towards their friendplayer's general direction instead.

They aren't actually capable of navigating the map in any form, they just do a decent job in fooling you into thinking they can.

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