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Post by AFADoomer »

When running the FreeDoom 2 IWAD with Blade of Agony, strings that are defined in the FreeDoom2 DEH file take precedence over the strings defined in the BoA .pk3's LANGUAGE lump.

Per report here.

Quickie example here. Load with FreeDoom2 IWAD, summon a chaingun, and you get the FreeDoom chaingun pickup message. Load with Doom2.wad, and you get the LANGUAGE lump-defined message.
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Re: FreeDoom IWAD DEH overrides PWAD LANGUAGE

Post by Ed the Bat »

My understanding is that DeHackEd always overrides LANGUAGE. Is there something about this that defies the known convention?
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Graf Zahl
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Re: FreeDoom IWAD DEH overrides PWAD LANGUAGE

Post by Graf Zahl »

Dehacked is not just strings and needs to be loaded after everything else has been set up.

This is comparable to loading all DECORATE after all ZSCRIPT. The way these lumps depend on each other makes it very problematic to mix them. The best option I can give is to add an option to the GAMEINFO lump that skips loading DEHACKED from the IWAD.

I'll put this on hold for the time being, this needs some discussion - especially analyzing if other ports have the same problem.

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