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Trusty McLegit
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Re: LegenDoom [2.8.3] - LDL [4.1]

Post by Trusty McLegit »

Hey, just so you know the mirrors are down now too
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Re: LegenDoom [2.8.3] - LDL [4.1]

Post by roundtree »

I wish I would have found this mod years ago. It's just pure addiction. I don't recommend this with doomrl-monsters unless you are a true badass. May have a slight incompatibility with neenerweiner's companions (sorry if my spelling is bad). After turning legendary they just target me. Still a lot of fun though.
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Re: LegenDoom [2.8.3] - LDL [4.1]

Post by Tesculpture »

I have a couple of bugs to report - I mentioned before in the DRLA thread:
-When a monster goes Legendary, other monsters can no longer target it for infighting...but monsters already targeting it prior to going Legendary do not have their targeting cleared, and will continue to attack until something else draws their agro. Combined with the fact Legendary monsters do not infight themselves, this often leads to their attackers killing them slowly, but with impunity.

-Legendary monsters are given +JUMPDOWN, but Legendary bosses aren't.
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Re: LegenDoom [2.8.3] - LDL [4.1]

Post by RevanGarcia »

Are the downloads safe?
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Captain J
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Re: LegenDoom [2.8.3] - LDL [4.1]

Post by Captain J »

Huh? You mean the mirror download links? Well yeah, they're safe. Antivirus is not detecting any sus stuff in 'em so just don't worry.

And i've apparently found out that 2 download links, both legendoom rifles and legendoom babel monster patch on the first page are down.

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