Official Oculus Rift GZ3Doom thread

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Re: Official Oculus Rift GZ3Doom thread

Post by hari »

Hello everyone, i hope it is ok to post in this thread about my recent work. I have updated a bit this VR fork of GZDoom. Currently it is on 3.5.1 version. This is a version required by Eviternity so it is possible to finally play it in VR :) My goal is to update gzdoom-vr to at least version 3.7. Updating to 4.0 would probably require more serious refactoring and I am not sure if i have skills to do this. So no promises, but I will be trying because playing Doom in VR is incredibly fun and I have a strong motivation to not let this fork to die :)

Here are binaries:
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Re: Official Oculus Rift GZ3Doom thread

Post by emangamer »

Updating thread to reflect Hari’s amazing work getting the project to 4.1.3 albeit with vulkan now being turned off.

I’m looking forward to VR builds being up to date maybe with current GZDoom releases for wad support. I’m bugging “Dr.Beef” of the “SideQuest” team to consider not porting “LZDoom” and instead work with this current code Base for Oculus Quest potential porting. He seemed very hesitant and said 3.83->4.0 was a hurdle in LZDoom and seeing this progress should light a small fire under the feet of naysayers to the idea of current Doom Development.

Thank you for your hard work. Very pumped.
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Re: Official Oculus Rift GZ3Doom thread

Post by michalgerhat »

Hello, I wonder if you could help me with controller mapping. I'm using an Oculus Rift S with the Touch controllers and movement with a joystick also fires the weapon. Also the grip button switches weapons. The controls settings in the menu won't register the Touch controllers' input. I've tried both Fishbiter and hh79's gz3doom. Could you please advice on remapping the controls?
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Re: Official Oculus Rift GZ3Doom thread

Post by CD-Roman »

Just quick reminder,
QuestZDoom out now! ... =emb_title

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