DEAD TECH Episode One (1.1.3)!

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Re: DEAD TECH Episode One (1.1.3)!

Post by Ginji23 »

The Drive link says I need to be granted access in order to download the file.
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Re: DEAD TECH Episode One (1.1.3)!

Post by Hor1zon Str1der »

Should be fixed now.
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Re: DEAD TECH Episode One (1.1.3)!

Post by Trashbag »

Pretty good title, I liked the gunplay and the atmosphere.

However, consider shrinking the player's hitbox. Anything up to hacker difficulty is manageable, but playing on L33T and up had me noticing that fast projectiles don't play well with the current hitbox. They'll often catch you when it feels lime you've evaded them.

Many projectiles border on unavoidable - especially in the claustrophobic rooms of the early levels. The one shock bot guarding the red key in map 2 haunts my nightmares.

Oh yeah, and one other thing: it'd be cool to get a second SMG at some point.

It makes sense that as your starting weapon it's basically a worse Rivet Gun, but it falls off sharply in arsenal value, and there aren't exactly enough grenades in the game to compensate for that. Having dualies to turn it into a high-dps close-quarters magdumper would mold a stronger niche for it.

(I keep thinking of things after I post them)

One more thing: a lot of enemies are not remotely durable, and so it's really easy to accumulate more ammo than you could ever possibly use by around map 4. I'd definitely look into tightening ammo drops as you develop towards your finished product.

I have consolidated your three posts into one.
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I wanted to come back after beating the game on every difficulty and give a more informed critique/suggestion.

I still think shrinking the hitbox a little would help with the more claustrophobic sections at the start, but the main problem I think is the first combat bots you encounter. If they had a consistent pain state, I think they'd be a lot more manageable.

The Shock Bots might also be a bit too intense. If you gave them just a FRACTION of a second of windup before their shots, I think that would give players a useful telegraph.

As for the Sniper Bots, I don't think you wen't hard ENOUGH on them. They're too easy to dispatch. I think they should be IMMUNE to pain states, and have like 20% more health. Maybe even faster bullets.

I have no notes on any other bots. The Shotgunners are brutal, but they're meant to be.

For weapons, I think I had it backwards. The SMG only feels weak because everything else feels so strong.

The Rivet Gun in particular is great against everything, and you'll be DROWNING in ammo for it from Map 3 onwards. You can solo it through most of the game - pretty comfortably, too. I'd honestly nerf the ammo cap down to 100-120 and halve its pickups. The SMG would definitely find a niche if running out of Rivet Gun ammo was actually a possibility.

I might suggest nerfing the Leadsprayer in a similar way too. It can one-shot most of the roster with a decent meatshot, and I can't ever seem to run out of the stuff (possibly because I'm maining the Rivet Gun). I'd test what ammo econ looks like after the Rivet Gun nerf, and then consider coming back and nerfing the ammo cap down to like...40, maybe? And nerfing the ammo gain on the cans a bit too.

Creating a few single pickups for alt-fire shots like the Grenades and Shrapnel Cans instead of hiding the majority of them in secrets or boss levels might encourage players to use them more liberally. I noticed I was really hesitant to cut loose with them because of how rare they were to find.

I consider enemies knowing your presence as soon as you spawn into the level a cardinal Doom sin. I implore you to turn them around at the start of Decay.

Lastly, the Singularity difficulty is kind of a meme. The one-shot modifier usually benefits you a LOT more than your enemies, and throws any semblance of weapon or enemy balance completely out the window. Somehow the Rivet Gun is even better.

If you want a meme, that's fine, but if you want something more legit, doubling player and enemy damage would have a similar effect without obliterating the mod's fundamentals. Maybe make some slight tweaks in what "double" means so that thresholds are/aren't crossed that should/shouldn't be. Keep the reduced ammo gain and I think that's a solid gamemode.
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Re: DEAD TECH Episode One (1.1.3)!

Post by Ferretmanjcdenton »

This mod is just absolutely fantastic! I love the atmosphere and feel. Gonna do a video for sure
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Re: DEAD TECH Episode One (1.1.3)!

Post by RaZZoR »

Very nice, looks like mix between Disruptor, Alien Breed 3D and Rebel Moon Rising.

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