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Re: Custom Texture Thread.

Post by Winterwings »

I've always wanted to make my own "version 2" of COMPWERD and COMPTALL textures, so here they are, with a METAL, METAL2, GRAY, SHAWN and TEKGREEN variants as well.
Unlike my previous posts, these are in Doom Palette.

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Re: Custom Texture Thread.

Post by abbuw »

I saw Adrian Carmack actually did a large amount of Doom's textures on paper with colored pencils, so I gave texturing with pastels a shot and the results are pretty decent, what I did is inspired by the BROWN1 and STARTAN textures.

Image Image Image Image Image

Edit: 4/21/24
Reworked the texture based off of genuine stitches I got to the fingers.


Transparent mask made expressly for putting over the patch HELL6_3.

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