Seeking Assistance with Wiki documentation

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Seeking Assistance with Wiki documentation

Post by servaljern »

I've been working on the Batocera wiki documentation. They've integrated Raze, however i believe some of the wiki information is incorrect or out of date. Not sure what has changed since last update, so figure I'd start from scratch.

The folder layout seems a bit different than other Raze installs, but I'm hoping to collect everything I have and get a fully working installation of Raze with all of the games it supports, and then I'm going to update the Batocera docs.

I will avoid the topic of any kind of modification until I get the vanilla working.

I went looking at the Raze wiki but it didn't seem very complete, and I wanted to make as much of an idiot proof guide as possible. Happy to also modify it or provide for modification when complete for Raze docs. I believe the only real differences are in folder structure, zips, etc.

I have all of the original audio files made into ogg and either bought the GOG for or owned:

+ ogg soundtrack
+ cutscenes in smk (should they be ogv?)
+ Cryptic Passage
+ Plasma Pak
+ Death wish

Duke3d: Original
+ Atomic Edition
+ Nuclear Winter
+ Carribean Vacation
+ D.C.
I dont have, but can get, World Tour and Duke!Zone II which I am unfamiliar with.

Shadow Warrior
+ soundtrack?
+ Wanton Destruction
+ Twin Dragon

Redneck Rampage
+ ogg soundtrack for rides and grits
+ Rides Again
+ Suckin' Grits
+ Cuss Pack
+ So You Wanna Be a Redneck Exp Pack (Is this supported?)
+ Deer Hunting (Is this supported?)

+ ogg soundtrack
+ Powerslave (any real differences in game?)

+ Nam

Missing anything else?


1. I see music here: viewtopic.php?t=71962 is this freely distributable? Is this the same as what came with the games?

2. I'd like to add controller configuration walkthrough as well because many batocera users are joypad only. Can you point me to any detailed discussions on this topic? Does Raze support gamecontrollerdb.txt ? That would be easiest way to implement.

Regarding the Wiki documentation ( ) these were my notes:

- is there a global naming convention for the ogg files? is it case sensitive?
- My assumption is the directory tree best suited is presumably:

/ - main files

and then expansion packs in zips with their own /music and /movies within, if applicable.

**DUKE 3D****

1. I don't have a Vacation.GRP, just an installer. Do I need to install this on the base Duke3d Install to get the Vacation.GRP?
2. Duke Atomic is unclear: /duke/DUKEZONE2.GRPINFO, no file like this exists? This is an ion fury thing. GRP Info could use some clarification:
3. Also re: atomic, not sure what this file is: E3L1.MHK
4. Duke Zone II explanation has conflicting directory trees (dukezone2 subdir vs not)

***Redneck Rampage****

1. **Rename it from REDNECK.GRP to RIDES.GRP, this is not the same file as REDNECK/REDNECK.GPR but REDNECK/AGAIN/REDNECK.GPR***— is this right?
2. Redneck has expansion packs, not just rides again. Redneck rampage Family Reunion is a version with all the addons already packed in with it. I believe possum bayou and early years are incomplete versions / limited levels. No info on Redneck Deer Hunter (also I believe compatible with Raze since on same engine?).
3. Missing So You Wanna Be a Redneck Exp Pack + Redneck Deer Hunter if applicable.

******* WW2GI *******
1. no WW2GI.CON in game folder, assuming rename game.con to wwgi.con

***** Shadow Warrior *****
1. Shadow Warrior says WD.GRP when should be WT.GRP... but I believe Dragon requires much more than the GRP, but new VOC files etc. I believe? Says they are missing on load.
2. Re Shadow Warrior Twin Dragon, no TD.GRP, also no description of Multiplayer etc.: Here’s from the readme: To play Twin Dragon, go to the directory you installed Twin Dragon to and run tdragon.exe. Here's an explanation of the various options: 1. Twin Dragon - Here you will be presented with 3 more choices: - Play Single Player : Selects single-player mode. - Play Multiplayer : Setup will be run so you can start a multiplayer game. 2. Play User Level -This enables you to play the user maps in the Shadow Warrior directory.

***** Blood *****
1. If including SMK and wav for cryptic passage, can it play the smk and wav from Blood, rather than convert to ogv? (Cutscenes, I believe)

Appreciate in advance any assistance in this capacity. Thanks for everyones hard work in making Raze available. Would love to help get Raze to a wider audience, as I grew up on these 90's FPS and they're all near and dear to me.
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Re: Seeking Assistance with Wiki documentation

Post by Phredreeke »

servaljern wrote: Sun Sep 24, 2023 9:45 pm Blood
+ cutscenes in smk (should they be ogv?)
+ Death wish
For now Raze only supports the SMK cutscenes. Also Death Wish is a fan addon, it's just really well made.
servaljern wrote: Sun Sep 24, 2023 9:45 pm + So You Wanna Be a Redneck Exp Pack (Is this supported?)
+ Deer Hunting (Is this supported?)
So you wanna be a redneck is just a collection of usermade levels, you could load them individually if you really wanted. Deer Hunting isn't supported by any of the RR source ports

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