Raze 1.7.1 released

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Graf Zahl
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Lead GZDoom+Raze Developer
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Raze 1.7.1 released

Post by Graf Zahl »

Download (OpenGL 3.3/OpenGL ES 2.0 and higher required)
This is mainly a bugfix release.
  • language update, now featuring Italian and Turkish
  • fixed a few bad scaling values.
  • Duke: do not call DukeActor's OnInitialize function for projectiles.
  • Blood: display the charge meter for the dynamite also on the alternative HUD.
  • Exhumed: don't pass uninitialized data to the sound engine.
  • Duke: set clipdist default also for external bad guys.
  • Duke: fixed pitch calculation for explosion sounds.
  • Blood: fixed bad damage scaling in ConcussSprite
  • Duke: apply default scale only to enemies defined in CON. This code does not apply to the Recon!
  • added back WT's fireball's postHitEffect. This somehow got lost during scriptification.
  • Duke: fixed scale default for non-ememies.
  • Blood: Fix missing input bit in `GameInteface::reapplyInputBits()`.
  • Duke: Ensure hard landing check is done after pitch keys.

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