Zeta Touch - Android port of Raze & EDuke32

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Re: Zeta Touch - Android port of Raze & EDuke32

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First time poster, longtime lurker here, I've been following these various OpenTouch Android projects since the Delta Touch early days. I hate to ask something so specific, Emile, but the .CON-parser for Zeta Touch's eDuke seems to be different and much more sensitive than the standalone eDuke on my laptop...why is that, and can this be changed to be closer to the PC version, at some point? Certain mods that run fine on PC won't load here, and it's always due to an "Error Compiling .CON Files." Chiefly, I tried to play one of my favorites today, "LameDukeX" (brings the LameDuke levels and weapons to regular D3D) and had this problem again, which prompted me to sign up here in order to ask this.

Editing to remove previous edit (Duke Xtreme CONs do work, just had to move all the contents of SPMAPS and DMMAPS to one shared directory)
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Re: Zeta Touch - Android port of Raze & EDuke32

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Here's a bug and a question:
Bug: for some reason when I try to launch Blood apparently it keeps saying this

BLOOD.PAL: file too small

is there any to fix this and is there a solution to it because this keeps showing up as soon as I launch it

Question: Is there a way to add add-ons to ANY game like Duke pukem (sarcasm) and anything else? I know its a lot to ask and this is gonna be a long ass post but yea I just need help ight? Thanks!

future edit: nvm I fucking hate my life and I got blood to work...ALSO ANOTHER BUG: NOW it CrAsHeS every time I start the level (oh and this happens to every game except duke nukem)

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