The Definitive IQM Model Template/Example (includes Blender files)

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The Definitive IQM Model Template/Example (includes Blender files)

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The ultimate IQM reference/template file. Includes fully animated world models and view (weapon) models. Ultra minimal, cleanly constructed-from-scratch models that shows you precisely what you need to get IQM working. Everything is at the perfect scale and orientation. I eliminate the guesswork for you. Use this as a template or reference for your IQMs. No "converted/ripped from commercial game asset" nonsense so the data is pristine.

Includes .blend files and the weapon .blend file has a camera that allows you to precisely preview the view model position

Also includes an IQM Export Guide.txt for general rules to follow to ensure perfect exports. Please read

Download: ... t.pk3?dl=1

I use the official IQM exporters, get them here for your preferred Blender version:

For more IQM tutorials, check this out written by the author of GZDoom's IQM support himself: The Official IQM Guide

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