Doom Builder 2 Custom Textures Sets

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Doom Builder 2 Custom Textures Sets

Post by chikokevo »

So In doom builder, Under game configurations, I can make my own texture sets, in which I can inlcude my owncustom textures..

However, how do I save these sets, for later use in Doom Builder 2?
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Kappes Buur
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Re: Doom Builder 2 Custom Textures Sets

Post by Kappes Buur »

It's relatively easy:
Note: Texture Sets are IWAD/PWAD specific

Import the textures into your pwad
I chose the panels from OTEX, which are luckyly named the same, plus a number

In the editor open Game Configurations (F6)
select the appropriate game format and then Textures

Click on Add to open the Edit Texture Set window

Give the textureset a name
Then click on Add Texture
Because the panels all have the same name I could use *
else you have to list each texture individualy

Show matches shows all the panels (if the textures are in the pwad)

Click OK and Save

Selection in the editor

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