Doom Record-Demo 2.2

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Doom Record-Demo 2.2

Post by strangelove »

Doom Record-Demo 2.2;

A pure-batch app which is dedicated only to Record Demo / Record gameplay with minimum fuss.

You may modify which EXE that Doom_Rec-Demo will use by editing the Rec-Demo.ini (default is set to gzdoom.exe)

Main page >

Extract the into your gzdoom / doom installation folder.
Make sure the DOOM_Rec-Demo.exe '& Rec-Demo.ini are in the same folder as your Doom port exe (e.g. gzdoom.exe).
Start the DOOM_Rec-Demo.exe.
Drag & Drop WAD/s onto the open DOOM_Rec-Demo.exe window, press enter when finished.
Enter warp level (or enter nothing) , Enter Skill level (or enter nothing).

Download > Doom_Rec-Demo

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