Suicide Prevention

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Suicide Prevention

Post by Rachael »

U.S. Toll-Free: 1-800-273-8255

So the holidays are rolling around and it's getting a bit crazy and stressful for some folks. It's natural and that happens every year, however some folks get driven to the brink around this time and start considering ... well, a way out.

We take this matter very seriously here, and consider the value of human life too great to ignore threats of suicide. We are well aware that some people do it for attention, but there's always that one person who's serious about it, and the worst action that can be taken is inaction.

If you or a loved one are thinking of committing suicide - PLEASE - seek help immediately! If you do, I promise you, you will be thanking yourself many years down the line. Life has its ups and downs, but it always gets better later on.

I have included some contact info at the top of this post. These are ways you can reach out to someone when you need emotional support.

When I was much younger, I, myself, was feeling very suicidal. I felt like no one valued me, and that I was trapped and there was nothing that could possibly make my life better. I actually felt like everyone else's life would be better off without me. I had very few close friends, very few people I felt I could really trust. I came close to attempting it a few times, but never actually did it. I felt this way for a very long time - at least a year or more.

Now, many years later, I am thankful I never did that. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life, I am loved by many folks and I have friends I can lean on for support. I have learned to value and love myself as a person, and in doing so my whole life has changed. I still go through depression phases, but they're much easier to fight off, and I always manage to find something to make myself happy.

So I can tell you - yes - it most definitely gets better sooner or later. Taking your own life is a permanent solution to a very temporary problem, even when that problem seems to encompass your entire life.

Sorry for such a depressing post - but I think I covered some things that really needed to be said here - thank you for reading, and everyone have a safe and wonderful day!

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