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Post by Hirogen2 »

Inline also worked with GCC 2.95.3, thu ZDoom 1.23b33 still wanted NASM.
However, take a look forward, I'd really like to play Zdoom on Linux; it is a good OS for development.
Did not I say I wanted to try on the AI code? :) -- presumed it is availble for Linux :/
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Post by henu »

Will the ZDoom really be windows-only soft in future? This is not fair for Linux users! :(
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Post by Chris »

The source code is freely available so anyone is free to port it to Linux/GCC if Randy decides to not bother. However, I think the only reason it's not working in Linux right now is because he doesn't want to mess with that until he gets things closer to an actual release.

That being said, I'm woefully underqualified to port it to GCC, let alone Linux.
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Post by HotWax »

henu wrote:Will the ZDoom really be windows-only soft in future? This is not fair for Linux users! :(
Oh you're so right. Anything created and distributed for free MUST be ported to every known operating system on the planet. Let's flog Randy for his insolence!

Get over it. If that's the way you seriously look at the world, it must be a pretty dismal place for you, what with 95% of software being Windows-only...

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