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Post by Flaccid_banana »

You Want Melee Weapons, I'll Give You Melee Weapons!

Yeah don't bother trying to pronounce the acronym as a word :)

I always liked the idea of using melee weapons in doom but felt that some mods that touted melee as being the prime focus either were too underpowered compared to the ranged weapons or too awkward to use due to lack of range or other mechanics getting in the way. So I decided to learn a bit about coding weapons myself (thanks to the forums and other places online) and make a batch of weapons fitting in most melee archetypes. I tried to balance said weapons around doom's original weapons but right now all of them have the combat effectiveness of the rocket launcher and plasma rifle, with the exception of the BFG replacement which, duh is as powerful as the BFG. This mod has no real common theme or story or anything to it, I just want to get some feedback on how the weapons work and if any balance changes are needed, so excuse the placeholder sprites.

The weapons you'll find
Stuff I hope to add soon
Screenshots, Enjoy them 1920 x 1080 screens :D
Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5ub1a0unofqux ... W.pk3?dl=0

Feel free to post any thoughts, questions, or criticisms.

This is my first mod also, so if anybody has any pointers to give, that would be great too.
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Post by Somagu »

This is cute as a proof of concept, and I'll let the placeholder graphics slide, but there's nearly no meaningful difference between most of these weapons, or much purpose to using most of them, when a single machete charge almost kills most things outright! The weapons are in general way too powerful and long ranged. I get that you're trying to address that melee-based mods (I assume you mean stuff like GMOTA and Demonsteele) feel like they have underpowered melee, but wow geez at this point I'm literally touching it with a 10-foot pole.

While melee is sometimes underpowered in mods that don't focus on it, everything's way too strong and similar here. I appreciate the effort put forth into the alternate attacks, but aside from, say, the single target damage of the BFS and the AOE of the hammer (and that's pretty iffy) there's barely any reason for you to do anything but charge in screaming like a madman with the machete. Keep at it, though. Maybe someone else can give better feedback. Also, welcome to the forums.

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