Full GZDoom Skybox Set

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Re: Full GZDoom Skybox Set

Post by wolfman »

Since this topic was bumped I'll post the links here.

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Re: Full GZDoom Skybox Set

Post by Armaetus »

Thank you for the reuploads, I was wondering why the OP links were dead. These should be edited into the first post by a mod.

My only issue is with the episode 1 sky for Doom, I miss the misty white background as opposed to a more Earthy blue sky. Besides, why would a small moon have a clear atmosphere?
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Re: Full GZDoom Skybox Set

Post by Skrell »

any chance someone could package all these into a single wad file that would work in any version of doom ?
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Re: Full GZDoom Skybox Set

Post by noonecares »

BoldEnglishman wrote:
Lexus Alyus wrote:I always used to think that E1 took place in a rain forest or something :D
I assume you already know that those "mountains" are part of a rainforest of some sort? (at least, from what one can deduce from the real photograph used for that sky)
*bump* John Romero himself said that they took a picture of some mountains in China and everyone knew what they did.
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Re: Full GZDoom Skybox Set

Post by sweety80 »

I will use well. Thank you...
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