[Code] Run + Gun Monsters

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[Code] Run + Gun Monsters

Postby RV-007 » Mon Nov 25, 2013 3:02 am

I already made some camping-sniping monsters (cheap trick) to ambush targets. That was fun and all, but it's not that fun (stand-off in a showdown is not always fun). Most monsters in doom stand in position to take a well enough (if not intercepting [did that one w/ some limitations]) aim @ their targets.

Now, I want run + gun monsters. Monsters that stand like idle targets to shoot their targets are usually going to be dead soon. This is the case for any monster out in the open area, especially for our projectile-throwing/shooting monsters. They deserve more than fast projectiles (although that's good too).

The code works, but it is usually more suited for monsters w/ a high value in the Speed/FastSpeed property. The amount of tics for A_Chase in the Missile state will also have an effect for run + gun monsters.

Code example:
Okay, enjoy your new run + gun monsters!
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