Tango's Happy Fun 2D Party

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Tango's Happy Fun 2D Party

Post by Tango »

cue crosspost from Doomworld

I've recently taken an interest in Torm et al's Pogostick mod, trying to steer it more in the direction of something like Mega Man. My ACS knowledge is rather limited (but growing ever so slowly!), and thus I've not yet been able to implement all the mechanics I'd like to. What is in there now, though, is the ability to slide on and jump off walls, ala Mega Man X. If you've never played those games, you can basically just jump into a wall and see what I'm talking about.

Some things to keep in mind:
- should work fine with latest dev version of ZDoom, tested in GZDoom
- the wall jumping system can be buggy (not sure how to reliably fix it atm); sometimes if you jump off a wall but continue to hold forward, you'll float in the air quite slowly. simply release forward to stop this from happening
- use the custom keys (in the new keysection) for movement rather than the usual forward/back/strafe etc. fire, altfire, jump, and use can all be used regularly though
- I would refrain from using the camera in/out keys, as I've been testing with the default setting and designing with exclusively that in mind
- weapon switching is instant
- holding up aims up at 45 degrees; opposite if holding down
- falling into dark pits will kill you
- using the mouse (or other default movement keys) could probably fuck things up, so I would avoid using that too
- expect bugs and possibly odd things
- the SSG has an altfire that has more bullets and a larger spread, but the bullets individually do 3 damage instead of 5

What's included here for now is just Map01, which is relatively short. It's really just a testmap and not indicative of what will end up in the project once I get mechanics, enemies, pickups etc. all squared away. It's nonetheless completable and has a little boss fight at the end.



Any and all feedback is appreciated. Little ol' credits list:
Torm & Springy (?) for the original Pogostick
TheZombieKiller for Pogostick Plus
Eriance for sprites, decorate
Dreadopp for decorate, gldefs
Sandypaper for decorate, gldefs
Raz for decorate, gldefs
Ghastly Dragon for decorate, gldefs
Captain Toenail for decorate, gldefs (and the railbot sprites?)
Esselfortium for the BTSX wood texture I stole for the shitty hud (which will get replaced)
Ijon Tichy for a lot of code related things, mainly stolen stuff

There is probably some other vital information that I'm forgetting... oh well!
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Re: Tango's Happy Fun 2D Party

Post by Springy »

Nice too finally see a thread up for this. I however didn't come up with the idea for pogostick (I am contributing a map or maybe two for it that need completing), that is entirely Tormentor's idea and execution with some other people thus far. Good luck with this and I look forward to it.

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