WAD files and WinXP....

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WAD files and WinXP....

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Alright, this is the first time i've started up good ol' Doom in about 6 months or so....since then i've upgraded to WindowsXP, and now when I right click on zdoom.exe and go to properties theres no command line parimeter box to add stuff like the -iwad command for instance....so what gives? I right click on just about every other .exe file (that includes the doom.exe thats on my install cd) and theres a command line box in the properties option for all of them so whats up with zdoom and command lines....is it my computer, me or am I doing something wrong :?:

....also....Before I installed WinXP, I was using a psx sounds wad along with a psx music wad that I got from Doomdepot (I'm pretty sure I got both of em from there but i'm not positive) and unforunately I lost both of em due to a virus I had recently :( but i managed to get the psxmusic wad back but I can't find the psx sounds wad ANYWHERE....so can somebody help me out finding it or does anybody here have it and could maybe upload it to me? :?:
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ZDoom's not a DOS program, so you don't have the command line parameter. Create a shortcut and you can edit the Target command line there.

To run a PWAD, just drag it on top of ZDoom, or make ZDoom your default program to open .WAD files with.

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How do I go about making zdoom my default wad file proram...? (sorry I just haven't done this stuff in forever :D )

and yeah I just realized before you posted a reply that I had to create a shortcut....I was thinking it was the dos version...also, how do you enable multiple pwads through the command line?
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Doomedsincebirth wrote:How do I go about making zdoom my default wad file proram...? (sorry I just haven't done this stuff in forever :D )
In Windows XP:

Right-click any WAD file.
Select Open With... from the menu.
If you get a box asking if you'd like Windows to search for you, choose the option "Select the program from a list" and click OK.
Make sure "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is checked, and hit the Browse button.
Browse to and select ZDoom.exe, then click OK.

From now on, any time you double-click a WAD file, it will automagically load in ZDoom.

There's a few catches to this, though. ZDoom will not try to detect what type of game the WAD needs. You'll have to select it yourself. If you put all your IWADs in the same directory as ZDoom.exe, it will let you choose which to use each time you start it up. If the PWAD contains resources not compatible with the selected game, it will cause Bad Juju or might just not do anything at all. (Or at least, nothing useful)
also, how do you enable multiple pwads through the command line?
zdoom -file <wad1> <wad2> <wad3> <deh1> <deh2> <bex1> <bex2> ...

Files later on the command line will override earlier files. And in case you don't know, DEH files are Dehacked data files, and BEX files are an enhanced version of the same. Technically speaking, ZDoom doesn't differentiate between the two, but its common convention to name a file BEX once it's been modified beyond what Dehacked can handle.

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