Hellspawn demo 4

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Post by Enjay »

Chris wrote:My 233 gets about 10fps playing this demo at 640x400, at most, using v47(it's much worse in 47i). :(
As a matter of interest, how does Zdoom normally perform on a machine of that kind of spec? A friend of mine used to just about be able to run Zdoom 1.22 with the original IWADs on his old machine (I forget the spec - pretty low though, lower than yours) but almost any custom level, especially one with any kind of size, detail or other fancy feature simply made things too slow to be playable. He upgraded his machine some time ago so I've no way of checking how more recent versions of Zdoom behave on a machine as low end as his was.

I'm sure that Randy did state some time in the distant past what the target spec for Zdoom was, but I don't remember the actual numbers.

It'd be interesting if Randy would comment on that to let us see what he thinks should be minimum machine specs for Zdoom these days.
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Post by randi »

Enjay wrote:It'd be interesting if Randy would comment on that to let us see what he thinks should be minimum machine specs for Zdoom these days.
I have no idea, but I've been developing on an Athlon for some time now. I do remember that the standard levels ran just fine at 800x600 with a 350 MHz Pentium II, but some user maps would bog down at that resolution.
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Post by Hirogen2 »

Well before my upgrade I had an AMD K6-2 400. Playing levels at 800x600 went fine, 1024x768 went by uh lemme guess probably 25 fps or a bit more. But I had no GL those days (neither a GL card). <-- All assumed a normal level like the ones of Doom2. Totally excluded is Vrack heh. And to add, that machine was Windows98, which adds to it :]
Anyway I dislike playing >640x400 because uh... it's so resoluted, text gets smaller, no more detail needed.
Hey, Randy, if you could put a "true FPS" counter (not that "stat fps" thing) in there (already should be by the Blood screenshots), I could test it on some various machines and report.
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Post by Enjay »

randy wrote:I do remember that the standard levels ran just fine at 800x600 with a 350 MHz Pentium II, but some user maps would bog down at that resolution.
Thats my recollection of things on a 350 MHz machine too. Not sure what version of Zdoom I'd have been trying it with. One of the 1.23 betas would have been the most recent, but not as recent as 33.

I just remembered, my daughter's machine is that spec. I guess I could install things on there and see how it performs. Of course, I'd have to find the PC under her pile of Barbie doll clothes etc :?
Hirogen2 wrote:Hey, Randy, if you could put a "true FPS" counter (not that "stat fps" thing) in there (already should be by the Blood screenshots), I could test it on some various machines and report.
Try vid_fps 1 at the console. That gives a genuine FPS count.
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Post by cccp_leha »

I had instances, when the rain came down REALLY hard, my fps went down to 3 :( and I have a 866 P3, 256 RAM, NVIDIA TNT2 4xAGP, Win ME; running ZDoom at 1024x768. Other than that, very nice :)
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Post by Cyb »

I developed some of massm2 on a k6-2 400 with 64 ram, but I always play zdoom in a window (force of habit while level testing, it starts quicker that way), so I had to run it at 640x400 for an acceptable framerate, though I wouldn't consider anything in massm2 to be considered 'detailed' (no more than the doom/2 maps) it's got a fair bit of scripting and none of the maps have proper reject tables or even nodes, and it ran well enough, and I'd imagine it would do just fine in 800x600 fullscreen. that's about my only low-end zdoom experience in a few years though as my current machine is quite a bit faster
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Post by Kate »

I have exactly the same computer as cccp_leha(all the way down to the speed of the processor; imagine that.) and ZDoom slows down in any mode over 640x480 fullscreen.
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Post by randi »

It was only recently that ZDoom was optimized for 1024x768. Due to the way data is arranged at that resolution, slight changes needed to be made to keep it from running at half speed (on any processor). In other words, 2.0.47 should run 1024x768 about twice as fast as 1.22, no matter what your computer is. The same goes for 2048x1536, although I don't think anyone actually plays at that resolution.
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Post by Chris »

If I don't mind some choppyness, I can play 800x600 fullscreen. But normally I stick with 640x400 or 640x480 fullscreen and I get between 20 and 35 fps normally, depending on the level's complexity. With v47.
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Post by Chris »

As for the modified map... I really don't see much/any difference if I disable the HUD and turn off all rain, as opposed to leaving the HUD on and putting the rain to 40.
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Post by LilWhiteMouse »

Does anyone have any problems with this version?

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Post by Cyb »

works well for me, looks quite cool as well, I like the little additions since demo 4. a couple small gripes that aren't bugs, just me playtesting:

- the moving truck in the garage bleeds now, it's due to the lights around it, and I honestly wouldn't even know how to fix it outside of removing the lights
- couple small texture misalignments in the hell area, mainly GSTONE stuff, but I'm a pretty big nitpicker when it comes to texture alignment
- the end sequence is really cool, but it takes quite a while to complete, perhaps reduce the health of the spawned enemies a bit?

other than that quite excellent, easily one of the best maps out there, and one of the most fun I've played in a while. keep it up :)
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Post by LilWhiteMouse »

Cyb wrote:- the moving truck in the garage bleeds now

- the end sequence is really cool, but it takes quite a while to complete, perhaps reduce the health of the spawned enemies a bit?
Do you have gennodes enabled? The truck views just fine for me in both it's start and end positions.

I never thought of dropping their HPs. I'll drop them 50% or something.
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Post by Cyb »

ah, I guess I didn't have gennodes enabled, it looks fine now
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Post by Xaser »

I was playing, I had just finished beating the cyberdemon, when it gave me this.

EDIT: I just tried to resume my game, but realised that the crash deleted my savegame, too! Argh! Thank god for the autosave after the Hammer Hound boss!

Code: Select all

Tried to read address 00000000
Flags: 00000000
Address: 00430029

Windows NT 5.1 Build 2600 Service Pack 1

GS=0000  FS=0038  ES=0023  DS=0023
EAX=003a1e45  EBX=00569368  ECX=000000b7  EDX=00000001
ESI=00bb5721  EDI=00000000
EBP=0012ec18  EIP=00430029  ESP=0012ec0c  CS=001b  SS=0023
 CF- PF+ AF- ZF- SF- TF- IF+ DF- OF- NT- RF+ VM- AC- VI- VP-

FPU State:
 ControlWord=027f StatusWord=4020 TagWord=ffff


Running threads:
00000680 at 00430029*

Loaded modules:
00400000 - 0061ffff *zdoom.exe
77f50000 - 77ff6fff  ntdll.dll
77e60000 - 77f45fff  kernel32.dll
71950000 - 71a33fff  COMCTL32.dll
77c10000 - 77c62fff  msvcrt.dll
77c70000 - 77caffff  GDI32.dll
77d40000 - 77dc5fff  USER32.dll
77dd0000 - 77e5cfff  ADVAPI32.dll
78000000 - 7807efff  RPCRT4.dll
70a70000 - 70ad3fff  SHLWAPI.dll
71ad0000 - 71ad7fff  WSOCK32.dll
71ab0000 - 71ac4fff  WS2_32.dll
71aa0000 - 71aa7fff  WS2HELP.dll
76b40000 - 76b6bfff  WINMM.dll
10000000 - 10086fff  fmod.dll
77be0000 - 77bf3fff  MSACM32.dll
771b0000 - 772d0fff  ole32.dll
763b0000 - 763f4fff  comdlg32.dll
773d0000 - 77bc1fff  SHELL32.dll
69f00000 - 69f04fff  gmidi.dll
5ad70000 - 5ada3fff  uxtheme.dll
76f50000 - 76f57fff  wtsapi32.dll
76360000 - 7636efff  WINSTA.dll
76f90000 - 76f9ffff  Secur32.dll
51080000 - 510d5fff  dsound.dll
77c00000 - 77c06fff  VERSION.dll
72d20000 - 72d28fff  wdmaud.drv
72d10000 - 72d17fff  msacm32.drv
77bd0000 - 77bd6fff  midimap.dll
5ef80000 - 5ef83fff  KsUser.dll
76fd0000 - 77047fff  CLBCATQ.DLL
77120000 - 771aafff  OLEAUT32.dll
77050000 - 77114fff  COMRes.dll
6ce10000 - 6ce44fff  dinput8.dll
688f0000 - 688f8fff  HID.DLL
76670000 - 76756fff  SETUPAPI.DLL
51000000 - 51046fff  ddraw.dll
73bc0000 - 73bc5fff  DCIMAN32.dll

Bytes near EIP:
00430019: 8b 7d 08 b0 ff 8b ff 0a c0 74 32 8a 06 83 c6 01
00430029: 8a 27 83 c7 01 38 c4 74 ee 2c 41 3c 1a 1a c9 80
00430039: e1 20 02 c1 04 41 86 e0 2c 41 3c 1a 1a c9 80 e1

ZDoom version 2.0.47i

Command line:
 zdoom -file hspawn.wad
IWAD: doom2.wad

Current map: MAP01

viewx = 229445883
viewy = -27613284
viewz = 65536
viewangle = 1117782016

Possible call trace:
 00430029  BOOM
 0043008b  call 00430010
 004c8fda  call 0043005e
 004d9ab4  call 004c8fb0
 00473156  call [00526328]
 0047315f  call 004e8150
 00471e44  call [ecx+0x28]
 004e68a4  call 0042630c
 004e688f  call 004e4f30
 004e79e7  call 0042630c
 004434fa  call 00442e40
 0044d399  call 0044c600
 0044cc36  call 004010c0
 0044d399  call 0044c600
 0043f4ba  call 00415ff0
 00441d43  call 00441230
 0044d399  call 0044c600
 0044d515  call 0044cfc0
 004e68a4  call 0042630c
 00483c8c  call [0056690c]
 004e68a4  call 0042630c
 004e79e7  call 0042630c
 0046cc87  call [ecx+0x2c]
 004d9d0f  call 004d98a0
 004e7d2b  call 004d9c50
 004e9bce  call 004e79f0
 004f6750  call 004f66a0
 004f6750  call 004f66a0
 0046e0e1  call 004f6740
 0046e1e3  call 0042630c
 00470ce5  call 00470900
 0042628a  call 00470c70
 0042611e  call 0042c100

Stack Contents:
0012ec0c: 00569368 00bb5720 005a22b4 0012ec30  h·V· W···"Z·0···
0012ec1c: 0043008b 00000000 00bb5720 0012ec68  ··C····· W··h···
0012ec2c: c456e941 005a2ee0 004c8fda 00000000  A·V··.Z···L·····
0012ec3c: 00bb5720 00000000 00569580 00000008   W········V·····
0012ec4c: 004d9ab4 00000001 00000008 00000000  ··M·············
0012ec5c: 00000008 a8179600 57ba5d4d 23000000  ········M]·W···#
0012ec6c: 29400100 3050414d 00000031 de5100b1  ··@)MAP01·····Q·
0012ec7c: 726f665c 61776563 5c726574 736c6166  \forcewater\fals
0012ec8c: 65675c65 6e6c676e 7365646f 6c61665c  e\genglnodes\fal
0012ec9c: 675c6573 6f6e6e65 5c736564 736c6166  se\gennodes\fals
0012ecac: 65675c65 6f6c626e 616d6b63 61665c70  e\genblockmap\fa
0012ecbc: 5c65736c 665f7673 77747361 6f706165  lse\sv_fastweapo
0012eccc: 305c736e 6c70735c 66687361 6f746361  ns\0\splashfacto
0012ecdc: 5c315c72 6d616574 79616c70 6c61665c  r\1\teamplay\fal
0012ecec: 645c6573 68746165 6374616d 5c305c68  se\deathmatch\0\
0012ecfc: 6c696b73 5c335c6c 6d616574 616d6164  skill\3\teamdama
0012ed0c: 305c6567 776c615c 61737961 796c7070  ge\0\alwaysapply
0012ed1c: 6c666d64 5c736761 736c6166 61765c65  dmflags\false\va
0012ed2c: 75705f72 72656873 72745c73 765c6575  r_pushers\true\v
0012ed3c: 665f7261 74636972 5c6e6f69 65757274  ar_friction\true
0012ed4c: 6d6f635c 66746170 7367616c 5c34365c  \compatflags\64\
0012ed5c: 6c666d64 32736761 645c305c 616c666d  dmflags2\0\dmfla
0012ed6c: 305c7367 6d69745c 6d696c65 305c7469  gs\0\timelimit\0
0012ed7c: 6172665c 6d696c67 305c7469 666e695c  \fraglimit\0\inf
0012ed8c: 74686769 5c676e69 76735c30 6568635f  ighting\0\sv_che
0012ed9c: 5c737461 736c6166 ec000065 6274a50f  ats\false·····tb
0012edac: d93835f7 a42f6cd9 8dc9965b 0d3ddf4f  ·58··l/·[···O·=·
0012edbc: 41778c12 e7cfa166 f1e69904 c1f1f0e8  ··wAf···········
0012edcc: fe0c6917 ef8c94df 3bd9fe7f 07138ce5  ·i········;····
0012eddc: 868ade97 610183ce 850c1247 e31a9176  ·······aG···v···
0012edec: 779e1793 583154a5 b703a95d d05c8cb6  ···w·T1X]·····\·
0012edfc: b8016b65 ff84a989 a4e145b6 0f3dbb3c  ek·······E··<·=·
0012ee0c: 8b011692 26499dd0 7c420e87 13fe7e7e  ······I&··B|~~··
0012ee1c: 14654f17 b58de769 a2c1c370 9a5e3906  ·Oe·i···p····9^·
0012ee2c: dca2a688 a39a22e6 f4f4fe6c 62e4432c  ·····"··l···,C·b
0012ee3c: 604cbce7 c3769baf 01901231 59fb66e3  ··L`··v·1····f·Y
0012ee4c: dabb8f3b 82609980 867abcaa 70696003  ;·····`···z··`ip
0012ee5c: 5e2e9ae4 f1611c30 53d6e5ce dcd45b41  ··.^0·a····SA[··
0012ee6c: 00fe7baa 268a3fcf d3244aef 5ffa7a78  ·{···?·&·J$·xz·_
0012ee7c: 9469ebff 8b4a526c 1e5f820e f6a58eeb  ··i·lRJ···_·····
0012ee8c: 5acfde08 bcd9167d e713ce15 0d96ff0c  ···Z}···········
0012ee9c: a6e7faec deb19859 882990a3 8e64ee4a  ····Y·····)·J·d·
0012eeac: a25c1e70 8269ba90 99ae2f44 f855b97b  p·\···i·D/··{·U·
0012eebc: 2c9e5880 15566324 61e203d9 a44c1b67  ·X·,$cV····ag·L·
0012eecc: 42f2a74b 8c0f0d96 e39b9e4a 1e79c2cb  K··B····J·····y·
0012eedc: b01e6572 61f5bbfc 12e69619 1aa06248  re·····a····Hb··
0012eeec: 87492fd3 0c74a1e2 66b922ae 915911ed  ·/I···t··"·f··Y·
0012eefc: ea572203 2674ee5b e2180530 b94edcd7  ·"W·[·t&0·····N·
0012ef0c: 1aaa91c1 0902e244 4a4d6d5e 33817dbc  ····D···^mMJ·}·3
0012ef1c: 3fe7522f a9406444 df0e9335 7b22e640  /R·?Dd@·5···@·"{
0012ef2c: a45a04d2 b8c4f4f3 b559dd3d 5e49b75e  ··Z·····=·Y·^·I^
0012ef3c: 9a08d646 afda0e3d 2bcf147c 26dac0f9  F···=···|··+···&
0012ef4c: b67b2c8c 0f783e45 4ebb1e63 d8ec082d  ·,{·E>x·c··N-···
0012ef5c: 20b8d4c1 4345c44d 861fba6e 7b960e03  ··· M·ECn······{
0012ef6c: ec7827e0 ceedbb76 d30b12f4 a6492996  ·'x·v········)I·
0012ef7c: 118982a9 544264fc dd592179 61f259fe  ·····dBTy!Y··Y·a
0012ef8c: 130840b3 a469a3e4 1d29a21b b6f3be49  ·@····i···)·I···
0012ef9c: e4cac433 53b4970a 3469f272 6e438d0d  3······Sr·i4··Cn
0012efac: 12dbd14d b9c40418 dbc8c778 964df130  M·······x···0·M·
0012efbc: 4edaed8f afe786fa 2cb89157 5dc253d0  ···N····W··,·S·]
0012efcc: efaec7d7 ddabdb76 ae4ed80e 884eaf2e  ····v·····N·.·N·
0012efdc: af713bb1 7b891160 1f758865 269a87b5  ·;q·`··{e·u····&
0012efec: 95c9012d 3a4f406a 114dde06 34775644  -···j@O:··M·DVw4
0012effc: c09d3cca 38fb6f02 7a61af65 4245b624  ·<···o·8e·az$·EB
0012f00c: cd165a53 17e4245f 90932509 25905444  SZ··_$···%··DT·%
0012f01c: ceed76ee fb2e76d6 76753928 4b595150  ·v···v.·(9uvPQYK
0012f02c: fd8e13d2 08eae207 a733b777 fcd1244e  ········w·3·N$··
0012f03c: b70eb9a1 f5744ba3 232d095b aafd13fa  ·····Kt·[·-#····
0012f04c: e37ce9a0 c76fef45 620cb2ac 7147b3ca  ··|·E·o····b··Gq
0012f05c: d116bfdc 9ed02c34 56d11916 7f32328f  ····4,·····V·22
0012f06c: 6ece62cb 03014737 bc7dd2e3 918986b8  ·b·n7G····}·····
0012f07c: c78d06f7 5dfb702b 03a3986f 8b1aca79  ····+p·]o···y···
0012f08c: bd4509bc 61ddb14c 4f49072b cb78444a  ··E·L··a+·IOJDx·
0012f09c: 7b023c61 6ea1d67a d9132d20 9a2ace7c  a<·{z··n -··|·*·
0012f0ac: e201c5a6 8c886cd8 1eb68e4f c38d1921  ·····l··O···!···
0012f0bc: d13d196b e1a42406 2a0a90b5 8477f48c  k·=··$·····*··w·
0012f0cc: a965b457 cffec309 bbfeba1a 87732a37  W·e·········7*s·
0012f0dc: c7b0eedd 77dc7813 23c5db57 4a218bf6  ·····x·wW··#··!J
0012f0ec: 73997c6d e6236593 6997ada3 1ff4d278  m|·s·e#····ix···
0012f0fc: 4738d24c 039da092 c5e8dcda a31717ef  L·8G············
0012f10c: f959e736 7513d696 ff8a0717 e7e7a528  6·Y····u····(···
0012f11c: 33da5347 6aa965c5 e6b95e66 3a40d2c1  GS·3·e·jf^····@:
0012f12c: 836074b0 47d47d7b df0fa37b 9e1022ed  ·t`·{}·G{····"··
0012f13c: 5c9d5d5c 757f5a11 ca911b55 611522fa  \]·\·ZuU····"·a
0012f14c: 575be079 4898d9cf 04232750 8e1ca856  y·[W···HP'#·V···
0012f15c: f34f76cd 065d93d3 d3fd708d ba9c1752  ·vO···]··p··R···
0012f16c: ce40949b 72b48f86 3124d311 93c6e359  ··@····r··$1Y···
0012f17c: c4e4a726 eec9c49e 644145d4 57a7ec60  &········EAd`··W
0012f18c: 9289b08c 6fb06911 54d0d581 0477ec3c  ·····i·o···T<·w·
0012f19c: 4eeba386 f2dad92e d01471da c74a9c2a  ···N.····q··*·J·
0012f1ac: 9ab34806 4ed7a5a7 68f18687 c7e61a3b  ·H·····N···h;···
0012f1bc: 9599ffc7 eb8ffc8a 2fc6eb80 d7364aca  ···········/·J6·
0012f1cc: e59a8e16 e93bb224 a0a3a7bd 5504af86  ····$·;········U
0012f1dc: 9d64cb28 2745667b eb2a38e3 407cb035  (·d·{fE'·8*·5·|@
0012f1ec: 77409767 57976825 65e5c387 6384e6af  g·@w%h·W···e···c
0012f1fc: c5e47308 0cdaf71d 6e3e99d3 41b6f318  ·s········>n···A
0012f20c: 0ce22173 713f3818 2a395250 5988a7c9  s!···8?qPR9*···Y
0012f21c: bba79c9d 8f705b3b 24b9e062 83686860  ····;[p·b··$`hh·
0012f22c: 95f8c34f d3729ea4 2154965e d14ed575  O·····r·^·T!u·N·
0012f23c: dd197c73 396c682f 57644776 76429797  s|··/hl9vGdW··Bv
0012f24c: a620e7d5 0a8f0544 d7439578 79aca0e6  ·· ·D···x·C····y
0012f25c: 8705fb9f e6039761 48096b30 c6409ba1  ····a···0k·H··@·
0012f26c: 3423cce7 b853e4d3 2f0ba0f5 994a9234  ··#4··S····/4·J·
0012f27c: c3544c1e 24f32a22 551457a2 33644dcb  ·LT·"*·$·W·U·Md3
0012f28c: c1480d81 7e335d6a 8f17e109 f93adea2  ··H·j]3~······:·
0012f29c: 45f43dfd 87c3876c cc1a734b fbe8e85e  ·=·El···Ks··^···
0012f2ac: 6541df7e 2e2f1a72 0916694e 5f50d00e  ~·Aer·/.Ni····P_
0012f2bc: f853309f c1069757 2a9f4c9f f5a0aba3  ·0S·W····L·*····
0012f2cc: 35bbddee 2310c653 8ea364ff 606acb39  ···5S··#·d··9·j`
0012f2dc: c4f6cb65 5966bfd2 c28e9df1 6be8f302  e·····fY·······k
0012f2ec: 032e9935 f058ade7 bb6f6e0f 9fb1d3dd  5·.···X··no·····
0012f2fc: 7cd8e49c ebe59638 dfb7e5ed 635087c2  ···|8·········Pc
0012f30c: 3d87d888 422969a1 e102830a dc47f83f  ···=·i)B····?·G·
0012f31c: 1de607cc b7ee79b9 0e80265c d0fc4835  ·····y··\&··5H··
0012f32c: 274e6a06 1bec7415 d52cafcd 5502c121  ·jN'·t····,·!··U
0012f33c: 99199659 d2d7f291 6cf3b29a 4fe7d9e9  Y··········l···O
0012f34c: 1625487c d23fd965 b003e619 60182322  |H%·e·?·····"#·`
0012f35c: 46889e5d f639c16d 3865427b eedbae5b  ]··Fm·9·{Be8[···
0012f36c: 5bb64eaf b5797683 5eae1edd dfb28ae1  ·N·[·vy····^····
0012f37c: da81d8ce 738f68cf 5c8108ee 64875b4b  ·····h·s···\K[·d
0012f38c: cdbcef3b 739a4729 b270d759 5bbe5322  ;···)G·sY·p·"S·[
0012f39c: 4f4e97af 1e5cfff1 a5f60a55 ca2028b8  ··NO··\·U····( ·
0012f3ac: 3978b649 c2a3e517 a45711c1 eaeb80ba  I·x9······W·····
0012f3bc: 21e99772 8a203afc 4eaeec83 ddb2b716  r··!·: ····N····
0012f3cc: 096c3f6e fbfdf2ff eed5d5ed db2cb80a  n?l···········,·
0012f3dc: 2d2c55ec a895fe0a cd47a7c7 eb88c9ea  ·U,-······G·····
0012f3ec: 3e9023d3 6e51fe3e c3061382 fa3fbcc0  ·#·>>·Qn······?·
0012f3fc: 2d0731bc 1f8fc7ef db673339 13d980a5  ·1·-····93g·····
0012f40c: 3625233a 9ebb3469 ce735e4d 6bde061f  :#%6i4··M^s····k
0012f41c: 42af28e4 960f2e81 fb5f8374 8ed5022d  ·(·B·.··t·_·-···
0012f42c: 7ca8c866 3f5783b9 0e8c09ec b28765c3  f··|··W?·····e··
0012f43c: 9c9c9edd be1f9b40 ed00ce85 32c4d6ca  ····@··········2
0012f44c: bca63c30 c59f3f18 9ff0c5e7 4ae9a69e  0<···?·········J
0012f45c: 1f800f24 fcf0ecf9 93ff37cd 9ca1ce43  $········7··C···
0012f46c: 064a8949 ff27b11c f24d179d a2e0bf2f  I·J···'···M·/···
0012f47c: 12c5e1c7 7cac8d9e 7f8f33b2 a2b1257c  ·······|·3·|%··
0012f48c: a7510e5b 9ecb01de c6ffc736 8979490e  [·Q·····6····Iy·
0012f49c: 57200771 34cd340b 53027efc 9e5e2d84  q· W·4·4·~·S·-^·
0012f4ac: 443277ec 12cceb00 be0e536b 724d9e73  ·w2D····kS··s·Mr
0012f4bc: 7df7b9f1 9f4f151c 81e3188c b51c332a  ···}··O·····*3··
0012f4cc: 7784d294 a9a798ef 749beac8 9d3a64cc  ···w·······t·d:·
0012f4dc: cef41c7a f1328f4f da2bd2c9 3d7140c2  z···O·2···+··@q=
0012f4ec: 8a9ecc99 94be2bc3 9491eca1 52d93330  ·····+······03·R
0012f4fc: 06835b29 ace5b267 edab9402 0ec58e49  )[··g·······I···
0012f50c: 5bf2e38e 93cbc73a 9725c3ab 51cb0e8f  ···[:·····%····Q
0012f51c: ccb2590f 27a79f29 0b22f563 95757ce3  ·Y··)··'c·"··|u·
0012f52c: 217e347d d3f1ee44 7d18e33c f263bedb  }4~!D···<··}··c·
0012f53c: 1a2ce8ae 8b93c9ad f9e4b871 8eccb5f1  ··,·····q·······
0012f54c: 5d34f0c6 fac83599 deb2a38b c17a961c  ··4]·5········z·
0012f55c: 884e1c8f b0eac111 6a3fc13d e757668d  ··N·····=·?j·fW·
0012f56c: 71df0750 b6d6a079 2d43be5f 0a58c062  P··qy···_·C-b·X·
0012f57c: f8be6258 23e67e34 99b76d80 7bc7e2c5  Xb··4~·#·m·····{
0012f58c: 43dcc90c db40fab2 c4406d6a 79543895  ···C··@·jm@··8Ty
0012f59c: b56c2a34 1e2785bb 4164c685 3995ee73  4*l···'···dAs··9
0012f5ac: 25f179e4 0489b43f 1e3bbbba 26c287a4  ·y·%?·····;····&
0012f5bc: eac8cc73 f3e0d09a d98d12bf 6729344f  s···········O4)g
0012f5cc: 13e5aa62 d4bfdfbf cccebb08 eaffae4c  b···········L···
0012f5dc: ab70b8ca d13d8eb5 f9899ee9 646145ea  ··p···=······Ead
0012f5ec: 64caa390 8b2205b6 8c3daded 2475464b  ···d··"···=·KFu$
0012f5fc: 4f85ee1b 9130a4f1 8bdeefca b9a0106a  ···O··0·····j···
0012f60c: 812d23f8 d2bf2ece 81e2eb17 3478a2db  ·#-··.········x4
0012f61c: 158ceac7 5f940cce 9582170e 4f9e180e  ·······_·······O
0012f62c: a474a64e 3d1db6bb 17640627 969fe7e6  N·t····='·d·····
0012f63c: 372b7bf7 91c78833 c02f622b 5c179832  ·{+73···+b/·2··\
0012f64c: f1d3e699 3680407f 6da2614d aeae2fe5  ····@·6Ma·m·/··
0012f65c: d0587c3e f56d1903 5c43f470 5bd6d3fd  >|X···m·p·C\···[
0012f66c: 6c19c4e7 d5a92ff1 0342fe6b c13333fc  ···l·/··k·B··33·
0012f67c: 3404b8ef d94994da 79f7da45 0d488a32  ···4··I·E··y2·H·
0012f68c: 4c204459 217ff0ab 3dd794b8 8a661264  YD L··!···=d·f·
0012f69c: d6bd80af 878b2197 98689cf7 fbe1ef5f  ·····!····h·_···
0012f6ac: e92f7dc9 7fbc3f0c 5dd6047f f20e6f75  ·}/··?···]uo··
0012f6bc: d6e6b28e 905470ae c00b44d2 841174cb  ·····pT··D···t··
0012f6cc: d6685319 ef695174 eb2d7118 d4cf5e54  ·Sh·tQi··q-·T^··
0012f6dc: 961b6174 d00a3dca b6c47451 2bc984d8  ta···=··Qt·····+
0012f6ec: 478a657d 76c82f88 205807dd 38e8eda1  }e·G·/·v··X ···8
0012f6fc: 971917e4 c9af7dbf 27276449 6349706f  ·····}··Id''opIc
0012f70c: 4fcfb2da d4fa2831 77d8a8b0 77d80ffb  ···O1(·····w···w
0012f71c: 0000000d 0000001c 005e2150 0012f770  ········P!^·p···
0012f72c: 00000002 00000010 001c0001 00000001  ················
0012f73c: 0000000d 0012f760 77d69cd8 0012f790  ····`······w····
0012f74c: 00000002 0012f778 00000000 00000002  ····x···········
0012f75c: 00000100 0012fa2c 00473156 0000000d  ····,···V1G·····
0012f76c: 0000001c e152000d 00000100 0047315f  ······R·····_1G·
0012f77c: 00000040 0015ee7c 0015ee78 6ce1594b  @···|···x···KY·l
0012f78c: 6ce13a66 00166084 00165fa0 6ce17cae  f:·l·`···_···|·l
0012f79c: 00165fa0 00000000 00000000 00000000  ·_··············
0012f7ac: 00000000 00000320 00000001 0012f7fc  ···· ···········
0012f7bc: 00000000 77d87b0e 00471e44 00165fa4  ·····{·wD·G··_··
0012f7cc: 00000014 0012f7fc 0012f7e4 00000000  ················
0012f7dc: 0059f3a0 0012f824 00000000 00000000  ··Y·$···········
0012f7ec: 005f92dc 004e68a4 00000000 00000000  ··_··hN·········
0012f7fc: 00000000 00000354 00000001 004e688f  ····T········hN·
0012f80c: 00000000 00000000 c456e941 004e79e7  ········A·V··yN·
0012f81c: 00000027 ffc7cb22 004434fa 02f7e1e0  '···"····4D·····
0012f82c: 02f3c25c 000000c8 00000000 00000000  \···············
0012f83c: 00000001 05acfa60 02f3c25c 000b0000  ····`···\·······
0012f84c: ff800000 00000000 06e00000 06e00000  ················
0012f85c: 00000000 f9200000 0044d399 00000000  ······ ···D·····
0012f86c: 02ff69b8 00000001 05a8f728 00000000  ·i······(·······
0012f87c: 00010000 fff1e9f4 000000c8 05acfa84  ················
0012f88c: 000000c8 00000002 0000013e 00000000  ········>·······
0012f89c: 02f7e1f4 00000000 00000000 0044cc36  ············6·D·
0012f8ac: 00010000 fff1e9f4 00000001 05acfb5c  ············\···
0012f8bc: 02f3c294 000b0000 ff800000 ff800000  ················
0012f8cc: 07e00000 06e00000 ff000000 00000000  ················
0012f8dc: 0044d399 00000000 02ff6a28 00000000  ··D·····(j······
0012f8ec: 05a8f728 00000000 00000000 000000f5  (···············
0012f8fc: 02f7e3d0 00000000 3eaed402 d08595da  ···········>····
0012f90c: d1445a9a 4c800000 4bab81c9 4bacd5ee  ·ZD····L···K···K
0012f91c: 00000130 cd87f780 cc03d800 4bad8000  0··············K
0012f92c: 00045869 015c5426 0159abdc 015857b8  iX··&T\···Y··WX·
0012f93c: 00000000 00000000 0043f4ba 00000000  ··········C·····
0012f94c: 05a87db6 05abfeb8 00000071 0000012e  ·}······q···.···
0012f95c: 0000012e 00000071 0000012e 00441d43  .···q···.···C·D·
0012f96c: 005e2c40 005e2c40 005e2c44 0000012e  @,^·@,^·D,^·.···
0012f97c: 00000001 05acd2b8 02f3b5e4 000b0000  ················
0012f98c: fe000000 fe000000 01400000 000bf970  ··········@·p···
0012f99c: fff340cc fff75f8c 0044d399 00000000  ·@···_····D·····
0012f9ac: 02ff75f8 00000001 05a8f728 00000000  ·u······(·······
0012f9bc: 00010000 00000000 000000c8 05acd2dc  ················
0012f9cc: 000000c8 00000002 ff800000 006e47b0  ·············Gn·
0012f9dc: 006d1f0a ffff193a 06e00000 02ff6a28  ··m·:·······(j··
0012f9ec: 00000000 05a8f728 00000000 000041e0  ····(········A··
0012f9fc: fe000000 0039d0d1 00803dd8 0044d515  ······9··=····D·
0012fa0c: 02f3c294 02ff6e88 00000000 05a8f728  ·····n······(···
0012fa1c: 00000000 002a1c80 00a00000 007f1532  ······*·····2··
0012fa2c: 004e1221 00123808 050a0000 02ff6ec0  !·N··8·······n··
0012fa3c: 00000001 05a8f728 00000000 0034f376  ····(·······v·4·
0012fa4c: 02000000 006db360 005ac603 00272450  ····`·m···Z·P$'·
0012fa5c: 05e00000 02ff7588 00000001 05a8f728  ·····u······(···
0012fa6c: 00000000 006cef9f 013f0000 007e716b  ······l···?·kq~·
0012fa7c: 00494236 001c2298 05020000 02ff75c0  6BI··"·······u··
0012fa8c: 00000001 05a8f728 00000000 007004a0  ····(·········p·
0012fa9c: fe200000 0081a86a 00790808 ffea4de8  ·· ·j·····y··M··
0012faac: 08000000 02ff75f8 00000001 05a8f728  ·····u······(···
0012fabc: 00000000 fff814d8 00000000 00000000  ················
0012facc: 0012fce4 004e68a4 02f3b5e4 02ff7668  ·····hN·····hv··
0012fadc: 00000000 05a8f728 00000000 008333f2  ····(········3··
0012faec: 06800000 00b2e850 77c8a472 77c8a463  ····P···r··wc··w
0012fafc: 08400007 0012fb1c 00000000 510156c6  ··@··········V·Q
0012fb0c: 001742e0 001743c0 001742e0 00000000  ·B···C···B······
0012fb1c: 00173008 001742e0 00000000 02f0a04f  ·0···B······O···
0012fb2c: 00000320 00ba1598 00483c8c 030a5300   ········<H··S··
0012fb3c: 00000000 77c8a451 00000000 77c8a501  ····Q··w·······w
0012fb4c: 77c8a4f0 08400005 5102e204 00178a50  ···w··@····QP···
0012fb5c: 00177e78 0016a140 0016a140 00177fac  x~··@···@······
0012fb6c: 51023651 51023683 006143c4 00ba1598  Q6·Q·6·Q·Ca·····
0012fb7c: 00000000 030a5300 00000000 51015ada  ·····S·······Z·Q
0012fb8c: 51015af3 51015b1e 00000000 00ba1598  ·Z·Q·[·Q········
0012fb9c: 00000000 030a5300 00000000 08400007  ·····S········@·
0012fbac: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000  ················
0012fbbc: 00000000 00075300 00173008 00177e78  ·····S···0··x~··
0012fbcc: 001742e0 00000008 00000000 77c8a4c8  ·B·············w
0012fbdc: 00000000 00000000 1000c238 00000000  ········8·······
0012fbec: 001742e0 004afe7c 94c27be3 00000000  ·B··|·J··{······
0012fbfc: 77c8a4c8 77c8a4c8 001679f8 00000003  ···w···w·y······
0012fc0c: 00000001 0015f040 00000000 00000000  ····@···········
0012fc1c: 0012fce4 004e68a4 0000010e 00ba1598  ·····hN·········
0012fc2c: 00173008 0015f4e8 00000008 00000000  ·0··············
0012fc3c: 00000000 00000000 c456e941 004e79e7  ········A·V··yN·
0012fc4c: 006143c4 00000001 0012fce4 00000000  ·Ca·············
0012fc5c: 0012fcd8 51038ee2 51001970 ffffffff  ·······Qp··Q····
0012fc6c: 51023683 0046cc87 001679f8 00000000  ·6·Q··F··y······
0012fc7c: 00000000 c456e941 004d9d0f 00000001  ····A·V···M·····
0012fc8c: 00000354 00000001 0056e1e0 00000008  T·········V·····
0012fc9c: 00000354 00000001 00000008 004e7d2b  T···········+}N·
0012fcac: 006143c4 02edf750 0012fce4 00000000  ·Ca·P···········
0012fcbc: 8e205a62 004e9bce 006143c4 02edf750  bZ ···N··Ca·P···
0012fccc: 0052f19c 0012fe24 0012fcc4 0012fe14  ··R·$···········
0012fcdc: 00516b5e 00000000 0012fe24 0000017e  ^kQ·····$···~···
0012fcec: 0000026e 00000000 03830ab6 00b98aa8  n···············
0012fcfc: 48bbc171 6d6f6f44 7475412e 616f6c6f  q··HDoom.Autoloa
0012fd0c: 48000064 15bec0ef e633357f ca23a104  d··H····53···#·
0012fd1c: e602cfd9 8b70ea10 ec184ff1 8f857b99  ······p··O···{··
0012fd2c: dcd4db97 5f90c37b 8dcb3d86 0fd9a2a6  ····{··_·=······
0012fd3c: ce58eae2 bed668c2 0f920f1b f2a7ec92  ··X··h··········
0012fd4c: 6452b2f5 22feda07 34bf8be0 ed3dbec5  ··Rd···"···4··=·
0012fd5c: 00539e60 c456e941 004f6750 00000002  `·S·A·V·PgO·····
0012fd6c: 00539e58 c456e941 004f6750 00000002  X·S·A·V·PgO·····
0012fd7c: 0012fd88 0046e0e1 00539e58 0046e1e3  ······F·X·S···F·
0012fd8c: 00000094 00000005 00000001 00000a28  ············(···
0012fd9c: 00000002 76726553 20656369 6b636150  ····Service Pack
0012fdac: 77003120 772bb640 771c462f 00000000   1·w@·+w/F·w····
0012fdbc: 8007000e 00159aa8 771b449c 00000000  ·········D·w····
0012fdcc: 00000000 771ce49e 00159aa8 0012fe18  ·······w········
0012fddc: 772bb6f4 00000000 772bb264 0012fe10  ··+w····d·+w····
0012fdec: 771c0fd8 0000017e 0000026e 0012fe6c  ···w~···n···l···
0012fdfc: 00000000 0000026e 0000017e 00000000  ····n···~·······
0012fe0c: c456e941 0012fe6c 0012fe60 00516b81  A·V·l···`····kQ·
0012fe1c: ffffffff c456e941 0012fe6c ffffffff  ····A·V·l·······
0012fe2c: 77e7e6b9 7ffdf000 00000000 00000000  ···w···········
0012fe3c: 0000026e 0000017e 00000001 000f4240  n···~·······@B··
0012fe4c: ffffffff 00000276 000001a0 77e60000  ····v··········w
0012fe5c: 0012fe28 0012fe88 00516b8b 00000000  (········kQ·····
0012fe6c: 0012fe98 00470ce5 77e7ad86 00000000  ······G····w····
0012fe7c: 7ffdf000 0012fe74 0012e834 0012ffb0  ···t···4·······
0012fe8c: 00426f3c 0052bd10 00000000 0012ffc0  <oB···R·········
0012fe9c: 0042628a 00400000 00000000 00152316  ·bB···@······#··
0012feac: 0000000a 00000094 00000005 00000001  ················
0012febc: 00000a28 00000002 76726553 20656369  (·······Service 
0012fecc: 6b636150 f3003120 f37b9c08 f37b9c08  Pack 1····{···{·
0012fedc: f37b9c08 00000001 e20ab000 e20ac000  ··{·············
0012feec: e20ad000 e20ae000 e20af000 e20b0000  ················
0012fefc: e20b1000 e20b2000 e20b3000 e20b4000  ····· ···0···@··
0012ff0c: e20b5000 e20b6000 e20b7000 e20b8000  ·P···`···p······
0012ff1c: f37b9c1c 82966a40 00000300 0000ad21  ··{·@j······!···
0012ff2c: 00000001 0000000e 00000000 0000000e  ················
0012ff3c: 000010ab 0042611e 77f517e6 00000007  ·····aB····w····
0012ff4c: 7ffdf000 00000044 00153488 00153438  ···D····4··84··
0012ff5c: 001534e8 00000000 00000001 00000064  ·4··········d···
0012ff6c: 00000064 00000000 00000000 00000000  d···············
0012ff7c: 00000000 00000001 00000000 ffffffff  ················
0012ff8c: ffffffff ffffffff 805467a0 00000000  ·········gT·····
0012ff9c: 805467c4 00152316 00000000 0012feb0  ·gT··#··········
0012ffac: ffffff80 0012ffe0 00426f3c 00528ce0  ········<oB···R·
0012ffbc: 00000000 0012fff0 77e814c7 77f517e6  ···········w···w
0012ffcc: 00000007 7ffdf000 f37b9cf0 0012ffc8  ·········{·····
0012ffdc: 805467c4 ffffffff 77e94809 77e91210  ·gT······H·w···w
0012ffec: 00000000 00000000 00000000 00426106  ·············aB·
0012fffc: 00000000                             ····

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