ZTerrain GUI; my second program.

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ZTerrain GUI; my second program.

Post by killingblair »

I decided to do something more useful for my second C# program, so I wrote a GUI for ZTerrain for the command line impared. Uses .NET 1.1.

Download here.

Directions of use:
  • Unzip ZTerrain into a directory.
    Put zterrain.exe into that directory.
    Run and enjoy!
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Post by leileilol »

Why use that when you can do the same thing in Visual Basic 4?
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Post by Kaiser »

rofl visual C#
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Post by killingblair »

I bet if C# was manufactured by, oh, lets say, Red Hat, people wouldn't have as much as a personal vendetta agenst it as they do now.
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Post by MartinHowe »

Kaiser wrote:rofl visual C#
rofl rapidshare (Doesn't WFM :( :( )

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