[Duplicate] Crash in E3M1 with .60

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Crash in E3M1 with .60

Post by SpiderFromMars »

Hi! Im new to ZDoom, but i like it (i think that is the better source port).
Well, i was trying some levels when i went to the original Episode 3 Mission 1. If i go past the first big room through the big door, and then i take the left corridor to that room where the floor collapses (and there is a rifle) Zdoom crash when im at the middle of the collapsing floor with a "Code: ACCESS_VIOLATION. Tried to read address ffffffff .... etc error". :cry:
I dont happens with Doom95 or the original Doom, but it happens ever i try it on ZDoom ¿it is a bug? Help, please! :(

Keep on this great work, i really enjoy ZDoom, it's great to have such a port to play Doom/Doom2/Heretic/Hexen/Strife (im really hoping to play Strife with Zdoom).


PD: please, excuse my poor english :?
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Post by HotWax »

Update your IWAD to version 1.9.

Post by SpiderFromMars »

Ok, using Ultimate Doom IWAD seems to fix it. Strange... i was using it before? :? I will check it later. :)

Thanks! :wink:
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Post by randi »

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