[Fixed] texture problems with aoddoom1.wad

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texture problems with aoddoom1.wad

Post by Cyb »


first problem, the sky doesn't get displayed for some reason (it works in prboom)

second issue I noticed, in e3m4 the windmill textures don't get shown, but they're there in prboom as well

I dunno if there's similar issues with the doom2 version or the original version (which was released in a bunch of disjointed wad files) because I haven't tested those recently, though I did play the original version of aod doom over the summer with 2.0.47 in coop and everything looked fine
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Post by randi »

Fixed. If a wad has a TEXTURE1 and TEXTURE2 lump and there are duplicate textures between them, the ones in TEXTURE1 are supposed to be the ones used. ZDoom had it reversed, so the ones in TEXTURE2 would be used instead of the ones in TEXTURE1.

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