[SPRITES] Spriting Carnival!!

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Re: [SPRITES] Spriting Carnival!!

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bimshwel wrote: Sun May 05, 2024 3:45 pm That floating partial cyberdemon leaking ectoplasm is funny to me and also looks like it is complaining about something. I would like to see that put into the game because my favorite monsters are the ones that seem to have no reason to exist other than to have problems with everyone.
I actually really love that one, but my mods are all fantasy themed. If there was a version with just hands or with a big battle axe I would absolutely use it.
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Re: [SPRITES] Spriting Carnival!!

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Deathking card
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Re: [SPRITES] Spriting Carnival!!

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Ringman wrote: Mon Mar 04, 2024 7:50 pm D64 chaingun doom classic style. This one was so easy that its probably already been done better as well but here you go anyway.
Looks good! I gave this idea a shot years ago. I was aiming for something closer to the PC weapon in style, yours is closer to D64 IMO. Good to have variety IMO
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Re: [SPRITES] Spriting Carnival!!

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credit to go: Id Software
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