Refused mapwich map: Trainstation

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Refused mapwich map: Trainstation

Post by GelleSzebasztian »

In 2020 I think January I applied for the mapwich to create a level together with a randomly selected partner for a mappack. (His name is Paul, if you read this Paul reveal yourself so I can properly credit you for your amazing work!) This level got refused to be included in the mapwich because
-The map size is EXTREME huge
-The map is too "gimmicky"
...tbh this map needs probably another 6 months to be fully realised. i think it will be better served with you taking the time to finish it properly and releasing it as a solo map yourself. none of the other teams have made anything remotely similar and it will stand out as a major oddity in the mapwich pack. it's not bad it's just very very different
Twin peaks by David lynch? Jumping into a toilet? Collecting money to catch a train? It definetly is a black sheep and way out of synch with any maps in mapwich 1 or 2.
The problem with gimmick maps is that everything around the gimmick needs to be of the highest quality to stop them from become jokes. In it's current state it is unlikely to be included in the pack. I wasn't being facetious when I said it needs 6 months of work to realise its true potential.
This is what Bridgeburner said. To be honest I hold a spike about this till today. What is the sense of a collaborative mapping project, where the authors are forbidden to express themeselves freely? Imagine a project where your art style or your dedication is a minus. It's not like we were making a series of identical style maps. All maps were different, artistic freedom was encouraged, and that makes the mapwich great. But if your map is too different even despite it complies with all the predefined rules, don't expect to be accepted.

At the same time... The truth is that I cannot open the map with my current laptop to do some bugfixing, UDB just crashes... There is indeed a possibility that an archvile might attack you from the other side of the map, or that some sounds might leak, yeah... Also the elevator at one part is glitchy, might soft lock you... (because of bad ACS written by me, so if you are there, make a save before using it) Once I get back my old computer (which is actually more modern than my current laptop) I might fix these bugs. This level is a good example of GZDoom level size limitations - how big levels can be made? - this big.

But I can promise you, that the level can be finished. I played it several times and finished it every time.

Fun fact:
My partner, Paul extremely overshot this task. He sent me map prefabs and unfortunately I had to delete like 50% of his work simply because we already exceeded the map size and he added so much complexity that I had serious FPS drops. So I simply deleted some parts of his work or added one sided line columns to try save the situation. This was neccesary, and I am really sad about that too. It was my task to unite his prefabs and my prefabs into a complete level with start and end.

Level parts made by me:
-The opening and all train stuff
-Rooms with statues
-Underground caves
-Twin Peaks
-All the corridors connecting two parts

-The underground tunnel
-Museum and panopticum
-Great hall of the train station
-The sewers

Extra info for playing the level:
-You have to collect 4$ to be able to buy a ticket, then you can get on the train that comes in every minute
-Don't use the elevator while it's moving, save before using it, it's a bit buggy
-You get 1$ after finishing each segment of the level
-In cooperative mode 2 players have to press buttons at the same time for certain events
-The first part with the revenants should be locked by a polyobject when a button is pressed (or 2 in coop) but the polyobject goes in the wrong direction so it never happens anymore opsie
-The function of this polyobject is not only to protect the player from projectiles, but behind polyobjects nothing is rendered, so it would improve the performance too, as it would block an open area.

I just decided to release this thing despite the controversy and the bugs that I am lazy to fix, because we indeed worked on it for a month, and it would be wasted if I wouldn't publish it somewhere. I'll most likely not fix these bugs any time soon or ever in my life because of UDB crashing, so here you are in its current state:

You need superchare and otex to run this, I included them too in this download
Download: ... sp=sharing
gzdoom compatible udmf level

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