Little bit of hell for the homies [WIP]

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Hege Cactus
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Little bit of hell for the homies [WIP]

Post by Hege Cactus »


Single person mapping project where I have done mostly silly maps with some of em being bit speed mappish and others just toying around style maps

Current Early Version Download

So far there are 5 maps to play in this early release

All these maps require GZdoom to work & you must load cc4-tex.wad with the wad(included in the download)

Misc info:
- Jump or crouch are not needed, mouse aim is optional and might be handy
- the rare few custom enemies use projectile shots with damage types so they shouldnt cause issues with mods
- In general, Ive tried to make this mod friendly so Ive avoided monster specific triggers and item specific triggers
- The maps can get slightly slaughter-y at times but nothing over shooting, you should be able to handle em.

General Issues known:
- No custom music
A) will be fixed in the full release
- map 04 portals give error message
A) No idea how to fix, tho they still work so... ???
- why does it need cc4-text separately?
A) For some reason including it within the main file itself makes the textures wonky specially in alignments, I have no idea how to fix this

Any feedback is welcome

Some screenies:

General Credit listing:
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Hege Cactus
Posts: 370
Joined: Wed Feb 19, 2014 3:23 am

Re: Little bit of hell for the homies [WIP]

Post by Hege Cactus »

Added map 06 ...
Just running the zip should work just fine instead of running the two wads together
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Re: Little bit of hell for the homies [WIP]

Post by Brohnesorge »

I put off playing this for way too long. I'm not nearly eloquent enough for like, map analysis or anything. I just know if I liked a wad or not. And I like this one a lot. I was playing with a mod on the stronger end, and I'm glad I did because this one's spicy af. Agitating Base is aptly named. I was particularly fond of Map 03's general aesthetic, Map 04's...everything, and Map 05's gags. I did get stuck in Map 06, but I don't know if that's the fault of the map, one of my mods or me being blind and missing a probably obvious switch or something.

Either way, this was a great time, and I'm really excited to see what comes next.

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