How do I enable demos in main menu?

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How do I enable demos in main menu?

Post by actn8601 »

In original DOOM, if you remain inactive in main menu for some time, a demo plays, replacing title screen. I can't find an option to enable it in GZDoom settings. Does this feature even exists in GZDoom, and if yes, how do I enable it? I just realized, that it is probably disabled because of the compatibility issues. But maybe there is a way to play a different demo, that is compatible, since you can make a PWAD with demo1-3 lumps replaced?
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Re: How do I enable demos in main menu?

Post by Caligari87 »

GZDoom can't play the original Demo loop because the gamesim is no longer 100% identical, so the demos would go out of sync. This is also why GZDoom can't play demos from older versions of GZDoom.

What you suggested about making a PWAD with new compatible demos sounds like an interesting idea, but I'm not sure if it's supported. Also, the compatible demos would likely break again when the engine updates, so you'd have to re-make them regularly.

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Re: How do I enable demos in main menu?

Post by Professor Hastig »

I wish the other ports had an option to disable the demo loop. It's so disruptive and distracting to have gameplay playback behind the menu etc.

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