Why Static Lights in Ultimate Doom Builder?

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Why Static Lights in Ultimate Doom Builder?

Post by Ear1h »

There is no information about them on wikipedia, yet it has a place in Things

-Light Probe
-Static SpotLight
-Static Point Light
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Re: Why Static Lights in Ultimate Doom Builder?

Post by inkoalawetrust »

Well I wouldn't expect Wikipedia to have info on GZDoom modding in the first place. Anyway, the reason those things are there is because GZDoom is going to have support for lightmaps at some point before I'm in a retirement home. ZDRayInfo IIRC is there to pass settings related to lightmaps (Like resolution, sun direction and brightness, etc). Light probes are from an leftovers from an old implementation of ZDRay, and the other 2 are static lights that are baked as part of the lightmap.

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