"Roll your own" conversions.

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"Roll your own" conversions.

Post by DarkkOne »

So, recently I've been enjoying mix-and-match conversions a lot. For example, Trailblazer + Rampancy + Lost Civilization (yeah, I know robots + lost civ isn't exactly a thematic match, but for me, it works) with Nash HP Bars, Flashlight+, and Relighting.

Or as a much, much simpler one, Nobody Told Me About Id, Doom 2 ReBuildt, and relighting (which gives really nice colored sectors, enhancing that Build engine feel).

I just find that certain weapon packs, monster packs, and level sets combine really well to create something that ends up feeling more like a lost Doom Clone from the 90s.

Yes, there are TCs, but I feel like there's a lot of like... flavorful combos. Like maybe Hud A fits well with Weapons B, and they fit really thematically well with Levels C.

Especially with all the universal mods out there. Just throwing in hitmarkers, damnums, hp bars, different gore mods, relighting, flashlights, lives, parrying, and movement styles to fit the monster pack and weapon theme can dramatically enhance that feel of it "not being Doom anymore." Picking the right subset of universal mods (Guns Bonsai for fantasy weapon sets tends to work really well, for example) can really tune it into something unique.

So I was just wondering if people wanted to throw out some of their favorite combinations of mods. Just, focused on like... combos that end up feeling more like a separate game than like Doom + Something.

Even like... TCs combined with universal mods (maybe TC X really gets enhanced with HUD Y and hitmarkers, for example). Just like... make sure weapons and enemies are non-vanilla, and there's either a suggested level set / theme.
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Re: "Roll your own" conversions.

Post by openroadracer »

Combining the post-apocalyptic feel of Ashes 2063(use separate weapons pack + "Sterilized" map pack) with the robotic enemy set of Rampancy makes for something that feels like a lost Terminator game. Considering that T2: Judgement Day came out in 1991, having the DooM engine running a Terminator game feels extremely fitting.
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Re: "Roll your own" conversions.

Post by Casualfan »

I combined Final Doomer's plutonia weapon set with the monster pack Legion of Bones and then added in Brutal Doom map enhancements to turn Plutonia into a cool jungle warfare vibe!

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